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3 Types of Auto Body Details

Auto body detail basics matter every time you visit a professional or work

Auto detail basics and facts

Auto body detail work gets pricey in some cases. If you like to keep a clean look for your ride, then you should know what goes into the highest quality of exterior automotive detailing.

The auto body detail experts at Details By Mark know their stuff. Here are some facts to keep in mind before you pay for a detail, or round up the gear for a detail at home.

Quick and easy auto body details

This is the type of detail you can probably do on your own. More than a car wash, but not exactly getting ready for a car show.

  • Think about getting some wheel polish you can spray on and rinse off.
  • Be sure to get reliable glass wipes and give each window a good wipe down.
  • Use pressurized water (usually found at do it yourself car washes, unless you have your own pressure washer) to clear off any mud or debris along the undercarriage.

Auto body detail before a sale

This is the level of auto detailing where you will want to make an appointment with an expert. Their access to specialized materials and tools will be more cost effective than buying all that gear on your own.

  • Have a coat of wax applied to the entire exterior.
  • Have the wheels refinished.
  • Get dents, dings and scratches buffed out.

Heavy duty auto body detail work

If there is considerable damage to the auto body exterior, have an estimate worked up for the cost of getting your car back into like new shape.

  • Replace missing exterior auto body panels.
  • Replace or upgrade front and/or rear bumpers.
  • Get a complete paint job.


Let the experts at Details By Mark know if you want to schedule an appointment soon!

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