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Why Auto Leather Care Matters for Portland Drivers

The price is always right for professional auto leather care!

Auto leather care in Portland, leather interior care

Auto leather care is a big part of value. When you list a car for sale that has a leather interior, it will have higher value than a cloth interior. However, scuffs, rips, odors or stains to the leather can cause a potential buyer to walk away as soon as they spot the damage.

This is why professional auto leather care is recommended. At Details By Mark, we offer excellent Portland leather interior care! Read on for some tips to protect the value of the leather in your vehicle.

Auto leather care means respecting your ride

Common leather interior damage risks

  • Setting down sharp objects on the passenger seat or back seat
  • Eating in the car and making a mess
  • Traveling with a pet that is not in a carrier
  • Messy kids riding in the car
  • Careless teenagers borrowing the car
  • Constant exposure to sunlight
  • Rain or snow coming in through an open window or sunroof

How to protect your leather interior

  • Pay attention to any passengers or objects that enter your car
  • Put lids on anything that might spill, or ban eating in the car
  • Put objects that might scuff or scratch your leather in the trunk, truck bed or anywhere else but your seats
  • Make sure the windows and sunroof are closed when you park your vehicle

Protection is key for auto leather care

A leather interior shows class and style. Most drivers with leather interiors do not want to put seat covers in place, and for good reason. However, if you are likely to have kids, pets or objects that tear or scuff leather in the car, seat covers are a smart choice.

If you do not have a seat cover but have to drive with a child, a pet out of a carrier or any objects that might harm your leather seats, try to find a quick solution. Even laying a blanket or towel down can spare you the cost of leather repair.

The best auto leather care comes from the detailing pros!

Leather is hard to stain and is resistant to odors. However, smoking in your car or frequent spills may cause stains and odors. A professional detail may address these issues without costing a small fortune for leather replacement.

For Portland auto leather care, Details By Mark recommends getting a full auto detail at least four times per year. Contact our leather detailing experts for an estimate or to schedule a service!

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