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Cloth Interior Detailing FAQ

Cloth interior detailing offers plenty of benefits!


Cloth interior detailing solves a lot of cleanliness issues. Of course, you can take steps to make sure that your cloth interior is clean enough that you are not going to a professional cloth interior detailing shop every month just to keep your ride in good shape.

Here are some answers to common cloth interior detailing questions.

Can I just keep my cloth interior clean on my own?

The answer should be yes. If you take pride in your ride, then you probably do all of these things:

  • Vacuum the seats and floor on a regular basis
  • Avoid eating in the car
  • No smoking in the car
  • Always keep pets in a carrier when in the car
  • Place items likely to spill securely in the trunk


By keeping loose food out of the car, you cut down the risk of stains and odors by a lot. However, many drivers will occasionally munch or let their passengers munch in the car. Make sure to quickly address any spills and enforce a rule about cleaning up after eating to keep your cloth interior free of stains and odors.

When is it time for professional cloth interior detailing?

If there are food wrappers, cigarette burns, pet odors and more inside your car, it probably will not sell. Similarly, if milk or sugary drinks seep into the carpet, it can leave a permanent stench.

Details By Mark recommends professional detailing when you:

  • Suffer a spill when driving and cannot immediately clean it up
  • Plan to sell your car
  • Are too busy to deep clean the car on your own time

How much does cloth interior detailing cost?

This is unique to each vehicle. If you want to get a quote, please get in touch with our cloth interior detailing experts. It helps if you know the exact year, make and model of your vehicle, as well as a description of any specific damage you want us to take care of.

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