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I tipped a fuel container over in the back of my new Lexus RX350 and spilled over a gallon of gasoline under the rear seat. It was so toxic that I couldn’t even drive it with the windows down and the sun roof open. In less than four days Mark had removed the seats and console, removed the sound dampening material, sanitized the whole interior, installed new dampening material, new carpet, and reassembled everything perfectly. I addition to his impeccable craftsmanship, he helped me navigate the insurance process. He is an amazing craftsman and a pleasure to do business with.

Scott Stepan / Gourmet Coffee Systems, Inc.

My Elantra took a lot of smoke and soot damage from being parked next to a car that burned. Mark was able to get all of the soot and smell of the smoke out of my car. He picked it up leaving me with a loaner at no charge then brought my car back to my home when he finished. My car was PERFECT after he detailed it. No odor of smoke at all. No soot residue at all. I would highly recommend him.

Holly Saari

My 2011 Toyota Camry had it’s Sunroof leaking and it soaked the interior roof lining, floor linings, and damaged the leather seats.
I was send there by USAA insurance, and I am glad I went there.
Mark and his crew are the best in this business. Mark explained every little detail and procedure he performed on my car, kept me in touch throughout the process.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the car, it looked like it just came out of the factory, every little detail was checked and cleaned. Car no longer had that moldy musty smell. In short just take your car to Details By Mark, and you shall not regret it.

Ritesh Chand

Mark is amazing!!! We took our 2003 Tahoe to him, and when he finished, it looked like it had been driven fresh off a new car lot!!!! He went above and beyond anything we imagined. I cannot give Mark and his team enough praise. we LOVE them!!!!! Thank you so much Mark, we will visit again, and will be sending folks your way!!!!

Nathan and Michelle Montross

I am amazed at the magic Mark performed on my car! He actually detailed my car over a month ago, but he did such a fantastic job that I’ve had it on my mind I NEED to leave a comment to thank him and insure others they will be happy (more than happy!) with his work. The only downside of Mark’s work is that I did NOT want to let my toddler son or ever-shedding black labrador back into my car once I saw how beautiful the interior was again. Unfortunately, since it’s illegal to leave the little guy alone at home, I had to relent. And, yes, the lab is once again my driving companion–this just means I will be visiting Mark again in the future. And, I will not wait so long next time, now that I know how great his work is!


Don’t waste your time with other detailers! Mark is simply the best at rooting out and removing the source of odd odors such as cheap perfume. High quality work in a timely fashion. Great job Sherlock!


Just picked up our freshly detailed vehicle from Details By Mark. The car sparkles like new and the interior is fresh and clean. From roof to wheels, the car is gorgeous. Making plans to send my personal car to Mark for some detail magic!

Kathy @ Harry’s Fresh Foods

Mark is an absolutely phenomenal detailer. Brought my very low mileage 2012 Jeep Liberty to him for a pre-sale detail. My wife had somehow managed to scrape the entire right side from front to back with some unknown object (that’s her story), so Mark had me pick up some touch-up paint from the dealer, just in case. As it turns out, Mark was able to buff the entire right side out crystal clean, without any use of the touch up paint. Additionally, it had been smoked in, and that is now completely gone. Bottom line is this: If you’re not having your automotive detail work done by Mark and his team, you are doing yourself a disservice. Details By Mark is absolutely the finest detail shop in the Portland area. Thank you, Mark!

Doug K

I was referred to Details by Mark by Steve Stoyanov at Omega Moters MBZ Service to have my 2000 Ford F350 Pickup detailed for “pre-sale”. I thought my truck was in good condition until Mark and his guys performed Magic on it and turned back the hands of time and made it New again. I sold the truck on the 3rd day after it appeared on Creaislist. I got what I was asking for it. It was Mark’s Magic that sold imy truck.


I was referred to Mark by Fix Auto to remove a botched paint repair attempt. Just as I was leaving I mentioned the car had a nasty smell even though I had just had the cabin air filter replaced. He pulled out the air filter and immediately found the cause of the nasty smell. Mice! I had never even heard of such a thing. He replaced the heater box, insulation and cabin air filter, all the places he knew mice would go. He also removed the carpet, console and seats also to remove some lingering smoke smell. He also removed whatever they had used on my paint. Cleaned it up, no more nasty smells, best shape my car has been in since I bought it. Mark really knows his stuff and keeps in touch and lets you know what’s going on. Mark did a great job and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Mark!


I was bummed to find out that someone keyed the whole passenger side of my 2012 dodge charger srt. Mark came highly recommended by someone who worked at progressive insurance, they thought it might buff out. I called Mark and he had me pick up some touch up paint at the dodge dealership just incase we needed some.

Another thing that happened to the charger was that someone was spraying a wood fence and got over spray all over it and it wasn’t coming out. Double trouble right there. Keyed and over sprayed? I was bummed.

Mark gave me a cute little loaner car to get home and said it would take about 2 days to complete. To my surprise it was done the next day, he even delivered the car to me and picked up his loaner! Another great surprise was that he detailed the inside of my car and it looked brand new!

Now about the outside, he brought my black charger back to sexy again! It actually looks better now then when I bought it! Smooth, sexy, shiny and you can’t even tell it had been keyed! Thank you Mark so much for going above and beyond and making my day! I’m telling everyone that you do an amazing job! I’m so, so, sooooo pleased and happy!!!


Mark detailed my daughter’s Camry–it looks great. Gone are the kid and dog stains on the seats and carpets. Plus the exterior looks good! We’re very pleased.


I drive a 1 ton 4 door truck that had paint damage. Mark and team was able to remove that plus all the little scratches. I am amazed! Plus- I had it back the next day. I am sending co-workers to Details By Mark. I’ll definitely be back.

Lance A.

I dropped my Mini Cooper S off to Mark on Friday, before a 3-day weekend! He and his crew had it back to me by 9:30 AM the next day. The quality of work far exceeded what I expected… it was excellent! Thank you so much and trust me, I will be referring friends and family to Details by Mark!

Carol D.

Mark detailed my 1976 Chev PU after many years neglect. It came out better than expected which meant I got more than anticipated when selling it. Great job.


I was very impressed by the quality of work my car received. I have used some other detail shops in the past but no one came close to the level of detail done by Mark’s shop, the job they did was everything I expected and more.


Superior work! Very detailed. We had a very difficult odor to remove and Mark was persistent in trying to detect its origin and remove it. I would highly recommend Details by Mark.

Karyn & Sione

I was told by Mark that I had kept up my 2000 Mustang Convertible in pretty nice shape which made me feel good. But when I pick up my car, which was completely detailed inside, outside and under the hoods of the engine and trunk space, I realized that Mark and Renee covered areas I never thought of. It was promised to be done at the time frame they quoted along with the pricing being right for the job done. Thank you both for a job “wonderfully” done. Enjoy the nourishments in good health.

Jerry Mack

Long story short, a buddy got sick in the back of my WRX. Looked like a crime scene. The damage was allowed to fester due to the holidays. I just picked my car up and was amazed at several things. My car was washed (I didn’t ask for it), the interior looked brand new, the odor was gone. Not masked by fruity smells, but gone. The price was extremely reasonable given the nasty nature of why it was there in the first place. Finally, the turn around was a day. Their keen attention to detail and willingness to get it done right the first time is why they’ll be earning my future business. Oh yeah, they washed my car outside in 30° weather with gorge wind. Again, that was on their own fruition.


Heard you moved, wishing you the best of luck going forward!


When I purchased my 1999 Honda Civic in Northern California, I did so because the engine was solid. The interior, however, was disgusting. The guy I bought it from lived on and near dirt roads and apparently had driven with the windows down for much of the car’s life. I decided I would use it for work, and try to avoid having passengers ride with me. Dirt was everywhere, the carpet and seats were stained, and a musty smell filled the air. I drove home to Portland with the Windows cracked and dropped it off with Mark. He and his team removed the seats and the carpet, power-washed and cleaned them, removed dirt from every crack and crevice inside. Before Mark put everything back together, he called and asked if he could keep it an additional day. He felt that treating the seats twice was important to be sure that he could get all of the dirt that was deep within. I was so amazed when I picked it up! I mentioned to Mark that I had almost taken it somewhere that had an advertised “auto detailing” coupon and how I doubted that I would have been satisfied. He let me know that if I had, they most likely would have wetted and scrubbed the interior, which would have set the bucketful of dirt deeper into my seats and carpet, where it would have stayed. Mark’s price was not the lowest estimate, but his process was by far the most thorough. He seemed interested in making the car as clean as possible and making me as happy as possible. He explained, in detail, how he would clean the car, and he seemed to do at least twice as much as he had promised. However, his estimate was right on and I paid well under what I feel was fair. I now drive my car with pride an people often comment on how new my 15 year old car looks. I will only take my vehicle to Details by Mark from here on out!


Mark and his crew did an incredible job removing the dried concrete “juice” that disfigured the roof, windshield and hood of my PT Cruiser. The mess resulted from water that seeped into a 50-year-old building, picked up old concrete and chemicals, and dropped from the ceiling onto my vehicle over a period of several days. I did not attempt to remove the dried crusty mess myself for fear of damaging the finish beyond repair. Mark and his crew restored my 13-year-old vehicle’s appearance to almost that of a new car. Thanks, Mark!


I would strongly recommend Mark’s detailing service to anyone getting ready to sell their vehicle. My car was restored back to “like new” condition and sold in a matter of days. The buyer made a comment about what excellent condition the car was in and I was able to receive a higher price because of it. Thanks so much, Mark. I will be bringing my new car in to you very soon!


Wow! Very impressed. Great Customer Service and quick! I feel like I drove off with a new car today. That’s no small feet as I have toddlers. Fantastic job. I will be bring our Pilot in every 3 months just to keep this new car feeling. Thanks Mark


We are new customers of Marks. We recently came to him for help with a situation that we experienced having a friend detail our vehicle. We ended up with terrible swirl marks from the buffer that needed serious attention. Mark was confident after taking one look and gave us a fair quote. Our car was done when promised, quote was exactly what we were charged, and more importantly our vehicle looked amazing!!! Not a trace of a swirl mark can be detected (there were many). We will for sure be back as this guy is what a true car detail professional is. We are never going anywhere else again!!!

P.S. Thank you Mark for going the extra mile and helping me with my baby and car seat situation (you know what Im referring to)!!!

Matt & Ashlee

Matt & Ashlee

I am very disappointed Mark. My leather in back looks terrible, my trunk was not vacuumed, my jockey box was not cleaned, I am missing a piece off my door lock. I am so disappointed.


Top flight professional work by Mark and his crew. I was selling my 2003 Mini Cooper, and the interior was covered in dog hair and residual wear and tear. After they were done, I almost didn’t want to give my car away. EVERYTHING got scrubbed and the bothersome dog hairs… gone! I ended up getting about $1500 more dollars than I had expected from my sale, and I don’t think this car would have sold nearly as quickly or nearly as much without their attention.

Eric Li

The detailing work done by DBM was the best I’ve ever experienced. I had a Suburban that was filled with mold. He was able to remove all of it, and the interior looks great again. He also detailed a 2006 Camry of ours that has spent it’s whole life outside in the elements. It looks as good as new, now. It is clear that Mark is passionate about doing a great job. Thank you!

Preston Hart

We brought our disgusting 2000 Mercedes E320 to Mark to clean before we sold it. We habitually parked it under a cherry tree– Mark removed buckets of leaves from the “guts” of the car, rendered the interior spotless, and it actually smells like a Mercedes again. He honored his quote to me although it was obvious our car took a lot more effort than anticipated; we appreciated that beyond measure. We are excited to bring our Volvo to him so *we* can be the beneficiaries of his high-quality work.


I wanted to sell my truck, but after sitting out in the elements for 9 years it was starting to look old. Mark was able to bring back a beautiful shine to the paint and made the interior look brand new. I was almost sad to sell the truck….almost.


I had given up on my 2006 Volvo XC70 — the interior was very tired, and there were major blemishes/tears on the side of the passenger seat and glove compartment. Classic wear and tear from family use. Today my car feels as it did on Day 1 — a major rejuvenation. Mark cares deeply about the details, and is very clear about his value proposition. Couldn’t be more pleased.


What a job they did to my rather filthy car! I will be back.

Michael H.

Great job, didn’t know my Jeep could look so good. I’m not real careful when it comes to upkeep on my vehicle but Mark brought it back to look almost new.


Just picked up my ’06 Lexus RX400h and was blown away by how nice it looks! The attention to detail is amazing; I can’t wait to get my daily driver cleaned-up.


Mark and his crew made my 1994 Saab 900SE look better than new! They cleaned and polished every square inch from the oxidized paint to the dry leather seats and even the grungy floor mats! I highly recommend Details By Mark!

Nancy Lane

Mark and his crew did a magnificent job on detailing my 2005 Honda Pilot.
The exterior and interior looked like new. Best detail I’ve ever had done to a vehicle!


I brought a 2004 Toyota Marirx with dirty carpets and multiple stains on the upholstery into Details by Mark. The interior also had a slight musty dog smell. Mark and his crew made the carpet and upholstery look and smell like new. They did an amazing job detailing the car, it is well worth the money. An incredible service with a personal touch, I highly recommend taking your car here.


Mark figured out where the water leak in my car was, fixed it, took all the carpeting out, cleaned it, dried it and put it all back together again. The car feels like new again.
Mark was also really helpful in showing my insurance company that the cause of the leak was not “normal wear and tear”.

Ben Smith

Mark figured out where the water leak in my car was, fixed it, took all the carpeting out, cleaned it, dried it and put it all back together again. The car feels like new again.
Mark was also really helpful in showing my insurance company that the cause of the leak was not “normal wear and tear”.

Ben Smith

This shop is by far the best in town, had two cars go through there and they both came out perfect, thanks mark. A third is on its way


My 2003 Toyota Matrix had been through hell – read many miles of Alaskan dirt roads, 3 dogs, years of a lazy owner, and finally mice invasion. Mark and his crew made it look and smell like a new car and taught me how to keep the mice away. Now I’m happy to get in my car and let others ride with me, instead of apologetic.


Mark repaired a leaking sunroof and the resulting water damage. He worked well with our insurance company. Again, we are so pleased with the service that Mark has given us.

Celia Kane

We sold our Subaru Outback for $1700 over the Bluebook value because of the pristine cleanliness of the car, thanks to Mark. We did not know how extensively one can clean a car.

Celia Kane

Mark saved me from having my brand new Highlander Hybrid repainted! The body shop said that the car wash damage was beyond repair and needed a 7-8k paint job. The paint came out flawless, other than one minor indentation only seen because Mark pointed it out. Thank you!!


You know what they say, “It cost money to make money.” Well Mark’s detail made me more money on my trade in! A++ perfectionist!

Joe C

Great job Mark, will use you in the future and recommend others to you.


Amazing job! Our car looks better than when we bought it! Definitely recommended!


Flawless execution and wonderful service. I recommend Mark without any hesitation. I will be back for sure. Thanks Mark!


We’ve brought 2 cars to DBM now and they have done flawless work each time. Mark and his crew go above and beyond! They caught and thought of things that I hadn’t even considered that made a HUGE difference.
Mark is responsive, communicative, fair, and EXTREMELY thorough.
He and his team managed to turn a very dirty and dusty car into a brand new vehicle.
I would recommend DBM to my closest friends and family.


I brought my brand new car to Mark as a first time customer to help protect the paint and to rub out a little owie. The paint melted! Mark rented a car for me and sent mine to the body shop to be fixed immediately. Obviously I think he’s great . . . I’m getting my car detailed again tomorrow. He is friendly and professional and I trust him to keep my car looking new.


My Honda Civic is 17 years old and with no garage and living on a gravel road, was definitely showing its age. I had researched shops carefully and when I went to pick it up yesterday I expected a nice shiny car. In truth, the only reason I recognized the car as mine was the license tags. It looks like a brand new car that’s even better than the old! I would recommend this place to anyone and will never go else where. I am beyond pleased. WOW!


all I could say was oh my goodness. I was blown away. my car looked brand face cant stop smiling.mark and his team. are the best thing that ever happen to me. GOD BLESS YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! BAMBI


We have a Toyota pickup that had never been detailed or waxed since we purchased it brand new back in 2001. Mark and his team did an awesome job detailing and waxing bringing it back to its like new condition. We will definitely use his services again.


I couldn’t believe how friendly Mark and his team were. What a great experience! When I asked about some scratches on the hood Mark glanced at them and said “No problem” and a few hours later the scratches were gone, the car was as clean as clean as the day I bought it, fully waxed and ready to brave Portland’s wet winter. I’ll be bringing my cars to Mark from now on.

Matt L.

Mark did an excellent job on removing spray paint vandalism. Even the plastics and rear view mirror looked like new. Not only did they get rid of the mess, but made the whole exterior look like new. Thanks!

Brian E

Mark’s not cheap but damn is he worth it. The only downside to having the mini restoration to my 1992 Miata is that it’s so pretty I’m afraid to drive it. It’s been garaged ever since. Friends can’t believe it’s the same car and have been blown away. Thanks again Mark!


Took my 2008 M3 to Mark for some work on the leather interior and carpet cleaning. I left the car overnight and was provided a loaner car which was a nice perk. When I picked up my car the next morning, it looked better than the day I drove it off the showroom floor…I was thrilled with the look, and the interior work was awesome, the leather wear was repaired to look like new. I wil be taking my vehicles to Mark in the future…


Mark and his staff detailed my 2003 Honda CRV. It looked like a new car when they were done. I am very happy with the quality of the work. My sister got into the car one evening and she immediately asked me how I kept my car so clean, nice compliment! Anyway, if you are looking for someone to do a great and thorough job, look no further!


Far away thanks from Syracuse,NY from someone who has not even had the pleasure of meeting Mark. My husbands brand new Subaru Forester 2014 had a watermelon explosion in his car which I thought was a laughing matter until I saw the stinking damage. I googled possible resources and stumbled on Mark’s website, called him and he was so gracious in providing us information. Mark, thank you…the insurance company will indeed cover the damage . My husband was so impressed after conversing with you, he said’ …if we have to drive to Portland for Mark to take care of the problem, we will… made quite an impression!!!

Vi of Syracuse

This might be late but better than sorry. I am well pleased with what Mark had done to my 2004 Honda Odyssey. This is the same Van that my sister gave me 4 years ago. He detailed the Van inside out in 2009 and well pleased with the results. Up to this time, my sister keeps on asking who performed the detail and told her over and over again that Mark from Portland. Thank you mark! I will take any of my vehicles to Mark for same job.

Well pleased!!!

It is my pleasure to report that Mark and his team handled my complex situation with professionalism and extreme care. He was honest and reliable and I appreciate his car to learning the ins and out of remedying solutions that my vehicle needed. My vehicle is 10years old and looks absolutely amazing. Thank you !!

Amy R.

Marks and his team made our 2005 VW look and feel brand new. This is our second time visiting Mark and we will definitely come again. He is very detail oriented and helped us find the right level of detailing within our budget. Highly recommend!

Kathleen G.

Mark detailed my 2007 Prius to get it looking sharp for for sale. The car looks great – exceptionally clean and without the ‘Armor All’ look that you sometimes get from detailers. Mark’s overall service and communication were outstanding. Would use Mark again without hesitation!

Mike M

my 1064 electra convertible looks like a new car.The original paint was touched up and buffed to make it look like a fresh paint job. The original upholstery was dyed and refreshed so that it also looks like new. This job was far beyond my wxpectations


My car looks brand new again! I would definitely recommend this service to anyone. Mark’s shop is run with professionalism and the customer service is superb. I will be back again. Thank you!

Mark M.

I was very impressed with the service provided by Mark. The detailing job was excellent and Mark went out of his way to order a few needed car parts for me. He was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend “Details by Mark”


I highly recommend anyone to Mark! I have had two separate incidents of tricky spills and water leaks in my cars, and both times Mark came through with his exceptional service and professionalism. When I had a water leak in my Jetta, Mark was the ONLY one who understood exactly what was happening, and even helped me with the insurance company. My car turned out amazing, and I continue to be a loyal customer! Don’t take your car anywhere else!


Would I use ‘Details By Mark’ again? A resounding “ABSOLUTELY” comes to mind! From the moment I called to check out, I knew my car (aptly named ‘Leaky’) was handled by professionals! Needless to say, Miss Leaky had some cleaning issues… a sick dog, dog hair, milk stain, sports, mud, and a male teenager and friends… need I say more? I had doubts that the abuse could be erased but Mark removed all doubts and Miss Leaky looks new and smells wonderful! Thank goodness for the great perks as my teenager promptly spilled Thai on the floor! See you in 3 months Mark- you can count on it! Miss Leaky and I THANK YOU!

Melissa C.

Wow, was my reaction when I picked up my car, earlier than oringially quoted. I feel my expectations were beat. Worth the price, and the re-peat customer deals you get are great PERKS also. No other service offers a rental car, which was a huge decision maker for me, as I am a busy, working mother. The expectation of what would be done was more than satisfactory, with extra add ons too. Would I reccomend yes, am I coming back, oh yes. Thanks Again Mark, see you in three months.

Deanna Gekas

At first contact Mark said they were the best at what they did. After the work was all done, I saw why he was so confident in the job he did on my car. I got a like new, shinny, clean car. Most likely no one else will touch my car, save Mark. Nice job.



Our customer feedback is essential to maintaining our reputation, and we thank you for your candor and taking the time to let us know how upset you were. We again offer our sincere apology regarding your seat belts and for any lack of care on our part.

We are sending you a Visa gift card to cover the fuel the seat belt issue cost you, and one of our gift cards to cover a high end maintenance should you want to bring your truck back and give us another try.




I took my truck to be detailed by Mark due to a musty/mildew smell, as it had been sitting unused for two years. It wasn’t dirty, it was just smelly. I told Mark what I needed and asked for a price. He told me that when detailing for mold/mildew they take the carpets out and have to remove the padding to wash the carpets. He said that’s where most of the dirt and smell is hidden. When I arrived at his shop, he explained the process again and how they remove the carpet. He then said sometimes the padding is stained and they have to replace it. I told him I didn’t want to spend over the original quoted amount to do the complete detail. If the padding was bad, we’d figure something else out. When I arrive back to pick up my truck Mark says that when they bring the truck around he needs to install a front seat bolt that they found while moving the rest of the cars in their bay at the end of the day. “Don’t worry, there are like 17, so no big deal” Mark says, he also proceeds to tell me they didn’t actually remove any of the carpets because they would have ran out of time (they had my truck 5 days) and would have gone over the original quote, even though he told me removing the carpets was included in the detail quote I asked for to remove the mold/mildew smell. THEN after driving away I find that they didn’t even clean around the rubber of the gear shift or out of the pocket in the door handle. To make matters worse, I go to pick up my children and the rear SEATBELT BOLTS were never reinstalled. The seat belts could NOT be used AT ALL. It was past closing time on Friday and I had to wait until Monday when the shop opened to get this issue fixed. When I arrived back at the detail shop (which is over an hour away from my home) and waited for them to install the seatbelt bolts, I explained to Mark that I was frustrated with my level of service and didn’t feel I got what I paid for. He was very unsympathetic (even was rude enough to take a phone call on his cell during the conversation) and didn’t even offer to finish wiping out the gear shift or the door, or find a way to make things right. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone, even though they give “PERKS” for leaving good comments and recommendations. Not only that, but I will continue to voice my opinion of the poor level of service on every Yellowpages, Yelp , Angies List and any other site I can find to help warn any other consumers out there.

Jessica Hall

Brought in very tired looking 2005 Prius with some challenging interior cleaning needs. Drove away in a new Prius. Mark’s helpful, easy to work with, accommodated graciously a last minute hassle I caused. Plus his crew found a secret stash of over 100.00 I’d years ago squirreled away under my seat cover and had it wrapped up for me when I picked up the car. Fine work, good shop to work with, highly recommended.

Paul Lipscomb

10 years of rugged outdoor adventures and one very furry dog had my classic 4runner a mess – but 3 days in the hands of thieves left it worse than i imagined it could be. 3 days with mark – and it looks like the day it drove off the factory line in 1988! sparkling clean! i had to think twice about letting the dog back in…

communication was easy and they didn’t even judge me for the sad state it was before they transformed it!


I am so happy with Mark’s work!! I didn’t even have to point out all the little areas that need attention, when I picked up my car he had found them all!! I will be back for sure and would recommend them highly!!

Mary B.

Mark went above and beyond my expectations. I could tell that he takes pride in what he does – You get the feeling that he knows his stuff he really wants to solve the problem rather than just collecting your money.

I purchased a used Jetta Wagon thats previous owners let there dogs basically live in…and totally under estimated the stank and extent of hair. The dealer also tried to cover it up with cleaners which just made it toxic and un-drivable. Mark was able to basically restore the entire interior of my Jetta wagon as if there was never a dog in there at all. I cant recommend Mark enough. It may take more time or cost a bit more than other detailers but he and his team gets to the root of the problem and solve it. Thanks again Mark!


Big Red is a very large, very long red Ford pickup truck that has had lots of adventures camping, going to Burning Man, and sitting in our driveway most winters. As a result, she wasn’t looking so good. But because she has such potential to look impressive, I decided to see if I could find somene who could restore a bit of her shine and glory. I found Mark, and he worked magic! Not only has he restored her to an impossbily beautiful shiney state, but as a result, we have changed her name to Ruby because she sparkles and glows. Thank you Mark for your high standards and impressive work! We’ll be back for our ‘check ups’!

Penni and Ruby

My husband brought our 2001 Saab hatchback in after it sat for some time in our garage. I wondered if it had any hope as it had been sitting for so long and began to look like a junker even thought it wasn’t that old. Mark did a great job. It looked so amazing when we picked it up and we sold it the next day! Thank you so much.

Lisa Portland

Two years ago I brought a 2006 Ford Expedition to Mark that needed a lot of attention. Based on the condition of the vehicle my expectations were very low. I picked it up the next day and it I hardly recognized the car. Mark and his crew did an exceptional job – the interior looked and smelled like new. I recently bought an older truck that also needs some attention. Details by Mark was my first call after parking it in my driveway.


Thank you Mark for saving my car! I have a 2004 scion xa and I had an unfortionate incident that left Salmon oil on the front passenger seat of my car. I tried everything…. And then I called Mark. He helped ,e navigate the ins and outs of an insurance claim that saved me $1200.00 on the cost of repairs to make my scion good as new (and not smelling like a salmon processing center).
I plan to have all of my cars detailed by Mark and his friendly staff. Mark is professional, honest and does a wonderful job detailing cars.
Thanks again!

Amanda 2004 Scion XA

This shop does amazing work! We just bought a used car that was in good shape, but in desperate need of a good cleaning. We were so amazed the car we picked up looked like new! We definitely recommend this shop for your car! Thanks Mark


I brought in my wife’s 2008 Lexus for a complete detail and was amazed at the results. It looks brand new again. Very thorough inside and out. I will not hesitate to recommend Mark to my friends and will be back whenever I need detail work on my vehicles.


Look no further. I am an avid collector/restorer of old Toyota Land Cruisers and typically I do all of my own work. I brought in a cloth interior Land Cruiser for a deep clean and was simply amazed at the results. Mark is great to work with and I will be back for all of my detail needs. Just great.

David E

I cannot say enough good things about the end result of the detailing of our Defender 90 Land Rover for sale. We gave him a trail tired truck and got back a showroom looking vehicle. Driving it home I got no fewer than 5 thumbs up from passersby and at least a couple of nods. It was amazing! All of our vehicles will be visiting Mark’s shop over the coming months!

Pamela P.

Mark’s work is just phenomenal! I tried many other detailers in the past, but they had no clue how to clean a carpet properly, or how to get mold out of a seatbelt. Mark’s carpet cleaning process assures that all of the detergent is removed so that it doesn’t cause a sticky mess later. And Mark’s meticulous process for cleaning seatbelts gets rid of black mold that can form in Oregon’s climate. Details By Mark is a local treasure!

Joe Makuch

My ’08 VW Rabbit was in serious need of A LOT of TLC; as in, the interior was a complete mess…and I take all the blame. The cleanliness of my car is just about the only thing that doesn’t benefit from my “touch of the ‘ol OCD” neat-freakiness. When I picked my car up from Mark, I barely recognized it; it was so sparkly clean. He even managed to get every single nasty stain in the fabric seats completely out. Amazing!! Everyone who has seen the transformation is now a convert too.
Thanks Mark & crew!!


My car looks like new!! What a great and thorough job you did! And, when I called to say I spilled coffee all over the trunk carpet two days after you cleaned it, you said bring it back and you will wash the carpet again. What great customer service!!
I was so pleased I recommended you to a friend who called and made an appointment for her car!
Thank you, Mark!!


We were considering purchasing a new car because off all the bumps and scratches on our ’98 Saab. The car just looked worn and it didn’t feel good to look at it on the walk through the parking lot. Mark and his team did a great job on the exterior and interior. Good detail work will set you back some money, but it is a lot cheaper than giving up on a car and buying something new. Thanks Mark!

Jed M.

Last year My ford expedition sat in the driveway out of commission for a while. When I went back to check on the vehicle it was covered in mold! I brought it to these guys and they did a fabulous job of cleaning it up. It was like my car was new again. They removed all the seats washed even all of the black mold that was all over the back of the vehicle. Thanks Mark!

Cliff D.

I bought an used car. It was a great deal except that it had not been cleaned since 2001. It was so dirty that I could not tell what color the interior was. I am a very clean conscious person and needed a very thorough detailing job for this car. I went online and researched numerous places in Portland. Based on my research I phoned Mark. He assured me that he would be able to make my old car look new again. I dropped the car off and Mark promised that I would be very happy with the car once he was finished with it. When I picked up the car Mark told me that I was the proud owner of car that once was the 2nd dirtiest car that he has ever worked on. However, no one would ever have guessed as the car now looked brand new. Mark and his team did an outstanding job and when Mark says they “detail” a car they really mean it. All the dirt, dog hair and smells were gone. I love my car and would recommend Details by Mark to everyone.

Janine B.

I was completely overwhelmed and stressed when I discovered water in my 2001 Jetta. It was completely flooded on the driver’s side, all the way from the front to the trunk. I called a number of shops, but honestly just didn’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling from any of them, and then I called Mark. Mark spent a great deal of time answering all of my questions and explaining the process, and I just knew that he was the right person to do the job. I had dropped the comprehensive insurance on my car, so I had to pay for this whole ordeal out of pocket, but Mark cut costs wherever he could, and was very mindful of my budget. When I picked up my car this afternoon I was totally blown away…. it’s like a brand new car!!!! And the best part, it’s completely dry and doesn’t smell like anything: not like mold, and not like perfumes. Mark and his team are perfectionists, and that is evident in their flawless work. Thanks a million Mark!!!

Lauren G.

I was on a National/Canada tour for 2 months and when I came home to my car I had tons of water and mold in my 2003 Volkswagen Jetta. I needed to get this problem fixed QUICK! When I spoke with Mark not only did he tell me he can take care of it but he told me how! Next thing you know I get the call my car was done I was amazed of how quick it was done! He walked me outside to what looked like a BRAND NEW CAR but turned out IT WAS MINE!!! I couldn’t believe the quality of work! Not only did he make me feel comfortable as a customer but he makes you feel like family! My car is amazing and I am back in love with it all over again as if I drove it off the dealerships lot! Thank you Mark you have my business for life!

Jewells x DJ Fatboy

In my early 20’s, I worked for a year in a detail shop. I wasn’t even allowed to WASH the cars for the first 2 months, so I’ve seen what sort of love/labor goes into a quality detail (you will never get this from a 2hour drive-thru). However, I also know that a basic exterior wax polish/detail should NOT cost $150, but needs to be done regularly to protect paint. When I bought my first NEW car last year, I researched shops all over town to find an affordable, knowledgeable, quality shop. I ended up dropping my car at a place far outside of town, where the owner was just leaving for “a while” and was not there when I returned that afternoon (which means he just left the job to his underlings). I immediately noticed ‘burn marks’ on windows and trim as the worker TRIED to explain something about my paint on one side. NEVER GOING BACK! …After further research, I found Mark, whos cost was less AND conveniently located to my work downtown. When I picked up my car, I was extremely pleased with the quality, as Mark personally walked me around my car explaining what all had been done and pointing out things to look out for in the long term. AND the interior was completely cleaned, after I insisted on only needing the exterior done (I thought I keep my interior pretty nice) to save money! I’ve now been back several times. Each service has been a GREAT EXPERIENCE.

Patrick W

Mark cleaned up my 2004 Dodge Ram quad cab, making it look brand new again! All the dog hair is gone… Great job. Mark is efficient and easy to work with.


I had a major leak in my ’97 Pontiac Grand AM. There was a puddle of water on the floor and mold had begun to grow on every surface. Mark did an execelent job discovering and fixing the source of the leak as well as cleaning the interior. The car now looks as good as new on the inside. I would definitely recommend Mark to others.

W. Coffel

I took my ’92 Honda Civic hatchback in when gas was leaked on the interior. What a wonderful job Mark did getting rid of the smell. AND, the enterior of my car looks like a new car!

Sue Mulrennan

I took my 2004 Ford F-150 in that had served primarily as a work truck in a lumber yard and a weekend hunting vehicle. I couldn’t even tell that the seats were grey anymore, them were virtually black, the carpets weren’t much better. There was grime in about every conceivable nook and cranny in the dashboard and vents too! Not only was it cleaned beyond expectations when I got it back the NEXT day, it looked virtually new inside. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome! Thanks Mark!!

W.P. Fuller

I was planning to return a leased vehicle for maximum value and Mark made by 2010 CR-V sparkle like new. Excellent job and prompt service.

Paul P

My new vehicle recently sustained significant body damage from an incident with a deer. I contacted Mark and he took care of all the details from the body shop to the insurance and everything in between. I got my car back looking just as good as it when I drove it off the lot. This was an incredible repair job and such a relief to have my new car looking new again! While I hope I don’t have a need for body work any time soon, if the unforeseeable happens; I am glad that I know about Mark. I would not hesitate to take my vehicle back, or to recommend him to anyone in need of his services.


I am so impressed by the work of Mark and his employees. I took my convertible in which had been owned by a heavy smoker for 4 years. Mark found ¼” – 1/2″ of cigarette ash beneath the seats! He took apart my car to clean it: the seats, carpeting, ventilation system etc. He was tenacious. I gave him a budget that he stuck to and did all that he could within those parameters (maybe even a little more). They did a fabulous job removing the odor. I will absolutely go back to Mark for future treatments. I will and already have recommended Details by Mark to several people I know. Awesome job!

Wendy R

I’ve never been in love with my ’01 Civic, but after getting the full detail it’s the closest I’ll ever come. It was amazing! Things were cleaned that I haven’t been able to get to since I’ve owned the car. It was almost brand new. Mark is dedicated and has an incredible work ethic!

Alison S.

I got my brand new 2012 BMW windows tinted and the company doing it did a poor job and needed to redo two windows. In the process they used a very strong adhesive remover that they let drip down into the car and make my car basically toxic. Long story made short, Mark took the time to take my car and make it smell new again. He definitely has a passion for what he does. Thanks Mark!

Randy M

Too good!


My Ford Mustang convertible had a leak in the ragtop and have been parked outside in a sever rainstorm and had major water damage. I took the car to details by Mark. I was amazed he was able to get all the mold out and how he restored the leather leather interior back to it’s original condition. I love my car now more than ever, and I’ve been recommending him to all my friends and family!

Tamela Tyone

Wow! I picked up my 2007 Prius last week after a full detailing and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like I’m driving a new car and NO chemical smell to boot! So much better than the previous detailer I used. Thanks – I will definitely recommend you guys.


I brought a car I was selling to Mark for a pre-sale cleaning. Mark convinced me I should have them repair a small dent and do some paint touch-ups. I was not totally sold on the idea, but he said that I’d probably sell my car to the first person who looked at it, and I’d read the reviews – everyone seemed to agree that he knew his stuff.
Boy did he! The car looked absolutely beautiful, and most impressive to me was that there was no horrible perfumey smell. At all. Plus, the area where the dent was looked much better, and the cost to repair it was far below a body shop.

Best of all, Mark was right – the first people who looked at the car bought it, and paid full asking price without blinking. I just bought a new used car, and it will be going right to Mark – I got a good price on it because there were stains on the seats, and some cosmetic issues – I knew I had an ace in my pocket with Details by Mark.

Lori P.

Just picked up our Honda Odyssey after our second round with Mark and crew. Wow, what a difference their service makes!! After a summer full of hauling our camping, kayaking, and cycling gear around – it’s now sparkling fresh. We will be back again!


After a recent camping trip I took my filthy car to be detailed by Mark. My car looks brand spanking new. I love it!

Mark was professional yet personal. I’ll be going back.

Brienna P

Just had my ’06 WRX in for an exterior buff, polish and detail.
Thanks to Mark and his crew for an
amazing result. If you love your car, I would highly recommend that you call Mark 1st.
I would highly recommend that you

Bill Treanor

i won a gift card in a raffle for a full inside detail. I got an appointment in a very timely manner. I was treated great and when I picked up my car I was extremely satisfied. I would reccomend them to anyone and I will definitley be back. Thanks Mark!

Kelli H

I have had my subaru detailed by Mark and his crew. They are great! Alll most helpful, they don’t loose parts when they take the seats off to give a through cleaning and they don’t break any of the plastic covers, etc. Well worth the price.

Sharon Epstein

For nearly 3 yrs, I have done business with Mark… 67 Falcon show car…my wifes extemely low mile 88 Mustang…NOT ONE PROBLEM….if there were issues, they were fixed – he retains my business, and a good friend.

Jack Peek

We had Mark do a presale detail on our BMW X5. The car looks fantastic inside and out. We’ll be back.

Jim G

Mark exceeded my expectations.

John M. PDX

When I arrived home, I parked in the driveway and a neighbor walked by and asked if I had just bought a new car. I said no it wasn’t that I just had my car detailed, and they said “you had it detailed at Detail by Mark. I wondered how could they have guessed that. They said they had their car detailed by Detail by Mark. I just couldn’t believe it. But that speaks for the quality of car came back looking like a new car.

Don G

WOW!!!You get what you pay for and sometimes you get way more. Mark & his team are fantastic. My 2006 PT Cruiser looks wonderful. Found him on the internet and will follow him wherever he goes. Thank you for all your efforts. I’ll be back.

Carol M

We brought in our car for a presale detail and Mark’s team spiffed up the car so nicely the first lookers bought it. I wa almost tempted to keep the car, it was clean. We’ll definitely use them again.

Leslie B

I was shocked beyond words when I saw my car . it looked better than when I bought it.I fell in love with my car all over again. My 350z Looked like a show car and took me a couple of days to believe it was my car. WOW !!!!


Did a fantastic job in detailing my Benz 550SL Highly recommended.


mark detailed my wifes 2006 caravan–the first time its been deatailed-she was very happy with the outcme—won’t wait so long next time–CMW


I asked Mark about a polish to our show Triumph last year and then brought it to him this year during rush time. He finished it in time for the show. I looked wonderful. It was a big job that need wet sanded and polish and wax, all over a new paint job. Great results.

Ralph C

Mark: Before being referred to you we had our Jaguars detailed by many others considered high performers. Your work surpassed all others. Truly high-value work.
Thank you.

John & Pam Garofalo

I called and talked to Mark about my 01 Subaru which had water marks and the paint was in poor condition. Brought it over, he inspected, then took buffer to test hood area. Said it would come of with detail. I mentioned the windows had water marks. When I picked it up not only were all the water marks gone on paint but also windows, mirrors and sun roof. Had him refinish headlights and they look brand new as does the car from 5′ away, it is a 11 year workhorse. Even though I had an exterior detail the inside was vacuumed and dusted and mats looked brand new. I never thought I spend money for detail but the car looks fantastic and it was a good investment. Very please working with Mark and the job that was done.

David C.

I noticed how good My friend Jeff William’s car looked,and I asked him for Mark’s info.
I took in a used car, I picket up a brand new showroom ready car.
My car is an Audi S5 and it is Black so it wasn’t an easy task.
It is also great to find a bunch of guys that obviously love what they do, that always shows in the end result.
The price was fair too. Great experience all around.


Truly an excellent detailing. Promptly in and out. Car like new — inside and out when returned.

William Stephens

Mark definitely takes pride in his work. I let the exterior of my 6 year old white Honda Accord fall to neglect through harsh California summers (never been waxed, rarely washed). It got so bad that even regular car washes couldn’t get these gray streaks out of the paint. Back in March, I brought it to Mark and he got my car back to its original color. He was very thorough with his explanation of services and does quality work. Even three months later, my car still looks great.

Vanessa C.

Incredibly solid work and customer service. This is one of those local businesses that is a pleasure to support both for their integrity of work and personal touch. Makr made our car spotless and ready to sell and we couldn’t have been happier. cheers, Mark.

Jelani Memory

Second visit for a touch up cleaning on my 1999 Jeep Cherokee was as impressive as the first! Very happy with Mark’s service – thanks!

Ashley P.

Mark completely renewed our 2000 Subaru Outback that had been overrun by the dust and dirt accumulated through several years of camping, taking cross-country road trips, and transporting a black dog. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I picked it up… our car was gleaming and smelled like, well, like absolutely nothing! Almost 2 months later and our car still shines and looks cleaner than 99% of the other cars on the road. Thanks, Mark!


Mark took our old 96 bmw that hadn’t been cleaned in a long long time and made it look like a brand new car. Every detail was taken care of including removing all the rubber trim and repainting it plus removing dings and touching up rock chips. We couldn’t be happier and highly recommend him if you want your car detailed right. Amazing!

Dave Costello

Mark was very helpful and professional from my initial contact. I stopped by when the shop was closed, but he answered his cell phone and set up an appointment right away. My Audi had scratches and nicks and scrapes. Mark had good suggestions to keep the costs down. He was on time, and the car looked like new!

Dennis the Audi man

We recently purchased a 2005 Honda Odyssey that was in desperate need of a deep cleaning. When I initially spoke with Mark on the phone I was so impressed with his attention to detail. He and his crew did a fantastic job on the car. They cleaned every nook and cranny and returned it to us looking brand new. I would highly recommend Mark’s shop to anyone. We were thrilled with the final result.

Jenny Souders

I took my very good condition 1987 Porsche 911 to Mark and told him I wanted it brought to show car standards. His work is simply amazing and he made a 25 year old car look almost new. I have received nothing but compliments at shows and my buddies in the Porsche Club are just amazed. Mark’s work and knowledge is simply at another level.

Bob Heilweck

We brought in our very dirty SUV and in just one day, Mark and his staff turned it into a sparking, shining brand new car! We are absolutely in awe of the attention to detail that went into cleaning our filthy car. The coffee stains in the carpet are completely gone, and all the gross crumbs that accummulate in all the little corners are history! Thank you sooo much for your fine workmanship and I will be proud to recommend you to my friends and family!

Carolyn Tunison

Mark did a great job on my old Seville and really made it look new again. I think he’s very particular and it shows with the finished job as he really knows what he’s doing.


Every parent who drives a Kid Taxi deserves a great detail! Because I run a ‘Kid Taxi’ my car needed detailing yearly, but this was the first time that I have been to Details By Mark. He actually removes the seats and the carpet to really get at all of the crud under-he found mold (no suprise in Portland), among other things. He replaced broken parts AND the interior air filter. He used cleaning products that don’t leave behind a residue that smells like toxic waste. Actually the car not only looked great but is going to stand up to wear and tear better; and is much more healthy!

Kerri”s Kid Taxi

So I brought my wife’s 2007 Ford Escape to get detailed because we wanted to sell it but she was a smoker and their were several stains on the upholstery and we new that would definetly affect the asking price. We brought it to Mark’s he had it for 2 days and gave us a loner car, to say the least the car looked brand new we ended up selling the car and got well above the market price for the car, if we hadn’t detailed the car at Mark’s we for sure would have lost a couple of grand. If your looking for a pro Mark is the real deal. Thanks a bunch Mark.

Dave Oved

Mark did a great job on a presale detail of my 2009 Mazda 3. The car had the usual coat of Pacific Northwest rot growing on the roof and around the windows. Post detail, the car looked brand new. Actually, it looked better than the brand new car I just bought. Mark could give the detail guys at the car dealerships some pointers! Needless to say, Mark and his crew will be the only ones detailing my new Volkswagen!


I have an ’07 Passat 4 door in graphite blue. I knew it was good paint but Mark’s shop redally brought out the beauty. The interior was flawless too. I do not want to take the car out it looks so good!

Steve B.

I have a 1962 Mercury Comet and it’s surprising how many shops don’t want to work on a car of that vintage. Mark immediately put my mind at ease that he’d had lots of experience with vintage cars and was able to squeeze me into his schedule. His shop did an AMAZING job. I am sure that in some cases they cleaned areas of the car that hadn’t been cleaned in 50 years.
They were so meticulous and careful in their work; I will definitely be back to keep the car looking good–it’s a real head-turner now!


Mark and his team made my old, stinky Toyota Sienna look and smell like new. It sparkles and shines, every nook and cranny is clean. Truly the best in Portland! We will be back. Thank you!

Ita L.

My brand new Red Toyota Rav4 got dog claw scratches all over the driver's side door. Mark said to bring it right in. He worked on the scratches quite a while, as some were deep, but he got it looking like new again. I was so grateful for him getting the job done right away, on a Friday afternoon, because I would have been upset about it all weekend. He did a wonderful job, he sure knew what he was doing, and I highly recommend this place. Thanks so much, Mark!

Ruth Ann B

This is the second car that I've brought to Mark, and again I was very pleased to have the car returned in such wonderful shape. Great work every time. Thanks!

John L. 4/16/2012

Mark and his crew did a fabulous job with my beautiful Honda Accord. It looks brand new! It's a wonderful car and it's great to see it look so good!

Judy W

When the interior on my 2003 Jetta was soaked because of a manufacturer's defect I thought that I was out of luck. After speaking to Mark on the phone he explained to me, in depth, the process he would use to clean and replace all of the parts that caused or were affected by water. His expertise really showed during that first call and I had my mind made up on who I wanted to work on my car. When Mark and his crew was finished, my interior looked and smelled just as it did when it rolled out of the factory.

Kyle M.

Amazing! Mark and his team did a fabulous job on my little mini.They pay great attention to detail. Thank you Mark and the team!!

April W.

I had a very comprehensive exterior clean and polish on my Honda Element. It is lovely to look at, I will be back.

Terence A.

This is the first time I've used Mark's service but I will be bringing in my truck on a regular basis now. My issue is two messy dogs, field training and no time. Mark and his team spiffed up my truck in no time and adjusted the service to reflect the fact that in a few hours their would be two smelly spaniels back in it! Mark and his team also completely detailed an 8 year old truck owned by a friend and I was amazed to see it looking literally brank new. Big fan of Mark and the team and looking forward to the next time I bring in the truck!

Denise P.

I have to give Mark five stars for such a wonderful job in datailing my car. He even washed the rugs I use as floor mats, and cleaned a spot I have been looking at for years. My 2002 Camry look like it just rolled off the showroom floor. I'm retiring in two weeks and I wanted to go out in style and Mark made that possible. Thank you Mark for such excellent service. I will definitely pass the word that nobody does it like Mark.

Ms. Vee

I've never been one to spend my money on having other people do my cleaning, but after discovering water leaking into my VW Golf (along with suspecting mildew) I knew this was a job for a professional. Mark took the time to talk to me about my vehicle and outline exactly how he approaches these jobs. He was patient and extremely helpful in working with my insurance carrier, provided me an affordable rental, and not only cleaned every surface immaculately, but also repaired the (potential) sources of the leak. And if that wasn't enough, he water-tested it to ensure the leak was sealed. This is someone who is passionate, experienced, and thorough when it comes to his work. He doesn't just talk about quality work, he stands by it!

Julia 3-9-12

We love our Subaru Impreza because it takes us places where most people won’t drive their cars. All those trips for hikes, fishing, etc. etc. on dirt, gravel, and other mucky roads add up to a dirty interior. On top of that this car is my daily commuter, office-on-wheels, and occasionally my dining room. All of that adds up to a lot of gunk, and while generally I clean it after the summer outdoor season ends, this year I was just to busy to do so. It reached the point that I didn’t like using it, and that’s when I called Mark and his team. I have never had a car professionally detailed, so was unprepared for the transformation I witnessed when I picked up my beloved Impreza. Absolutely spotless inside and out. The exterior was completely free of dirt and grime, right down to the algae that accumulates in the roof-rack channels. The interior literally looked and smelled like new. It was a stunning transformation, literally. One thing that is particularly striking about these folks is the obvious pride they take in their work. One of Mark’s team members showed me some before and after photos of my car (wow!) and spent time describing the work he could do to make the exterior even better when it comes time to sell this car later this year. Mark also made leaving my car with his business for a full day easy with a loaner vehicle. In all, an excellent experience and fantastic results. Thank Mark and all of your team. We are thrilled with our Impreza!!

Mark and Lyn

Excellent job. Mark detailed my blue volvo and it looked and smelled like new.

Nancy  2-28-12

We have brought Mark 3 cars so far to detail. The first was a vintage mercedes which he brought back to life. The second was a presale detail and it sold the next day. And boy was it a mess with of the dog hair and a toddler. It was just like when we drove it off the dealership lot over 8 years ago. And the third was on a car we just purchased. It was pretty clean already but I wanted it to feel brand new. I am really particular about cleanliness and I thought I was detailed, but Mark definitely has the eye for every little imperfection. Mark actually removed the seats and cleaned everything from the seat belts to underneath the seats. The leather looked refreshed and the carpets so so clean. We are bringing in another car for a presale clean next week and will continue to come back. You might pay a little more, but it is sooo worth it. And I'm not the kind of person that easily spends my money. But if you want a professional job done right every time with 100% satisfaction, you truly get what you pay for! Highly recommended.

Joy 2-24-12

Job well done guys! the interior is cleaner than it was the day I purchased the car! Ill def be sending cars ur way and I'll be back eventually :)

Weston S. 2-1-12

1997 dodge diesel leaking like a siv and molding and stinking inside with puddles of water inside.very through job done on finding the leak and sealing it and making sure it was sealed.amazing job on the interior clean and mold removal.very pleased

jared l 1-24-12

In August, 2009 I took my car to Mark to "clean up the engine bay and a 'few other things.'" Mark's meticulous detail oriented eyes pointed out several other things and suggested more involved work. Mark does much more than detail cars. He also does complete restorations. I left my "baby," a 1966 Mustang of which I am the original and only owner with Mark to "do whatever he felt needed to be done." That was one of the best decisions I ever made. Two years later I have a show worthy classic car. This was well worth the investment of money and time. All the comments I get now are that the car looks better than showroom new! Yes, Mark does that with cars! Whether it is a full or partial restoration or cleaning up the daily driver. I have seen many cars come and go at Mark's and they all look great when they leave. Mark sees things in cars the rest of us don't. Mark feels the soul of a car. His goal is to insure every car is in the best shape possible and to insure a completely satisfied customer. He doesn't miss any nook or cranny. I want to reiterate what many people have stated in their reviews, that Mark is committed to produce the absolute best detail job possible and that his customer service skills are without peer. If you want your car to shine and stand out, go to Details by Mark! I will take my daily drivers to Mark as they need cleaning up and will return the Mustang when it needs tweaking to maintain what Mark accomplished. Thank you Mark!!

Ken D.

I took my 1992 toyota pickup to mark for a presale detail. WOW! i am not sure i want to sale my truck now, it looks like new. Great job Mark!!!

Tina. 10-29-11

Mark did a fantastic job on my disgustingly dirty and smelly car. I feel as if I have a brand new car. Very professional and caring.

Ellen Madnick. 10-26-11

We took our 2008 Ford Escape into Mark after a new puppy soiled most of the seats and the carpet. The first really helpful thing Mark did was to let us know that it might be covered by our insurance which it was. He did a great job beginning to end, from advocating for us with the adjuster to finding very creative ways to insure the smell was gone for good. We really appreciate his commitment to quality work. He is one of a kind! Thanks Mark!

Tru Tate. 10-13-11

I took my 2007 Nissan Murano in for complete detail inside and out. I have two young children and while my car is usually in decent shape, there was a very slight stale odor that had developed and I had noticed some black algae/moss (?) starting in the crevices on the roof by the rack. I decided to spend a little money now to help keep it in shape over the long haul. When I called, I spoke with Mark and he was there at every point in the process. I was able to use a loaner car, and when there was a possibility that it might take an extra day before my car was ready, he called to let me know and offer to drive the car out to me at work in Tualatin. It turned out that wasnt needed as it was done close to when expected. He was able to undo and redo a bad hood touch up job I had let someone “help” me with previously. When I picked it up, the outside of the car looked amazing, both in how shiny it was and the hood issue. Algae was gone. He took the time to show me a small discrete area on the roof where the algae had started to eat the paint so I would know not to let that go again and make sure it got waxed periodically to protect it. The interior looked good and had no smell. They did a great job at what seems like a fair price considering the attention to detail. The customer service is exceptional. I have recommended Details by Mark to friends and will be going back myself.

D. Caldeira.

My 2003 Honda Accord now glistens like new; a high polish buffing even has rain beading like diamonds. Mark went the extra mile, in removing a bad stain on the rear seat, and even dyed the leather to match. Nothing was overlooked, as the leather interior everywhere now feels clean and soft to the touch. Thank-you, Mark. I will be back!

C. Smith

The presale detailing made such a huge difference on my 2007 Versa that I almost did not recognize it when I went to pick it up. We have two kids and there are no signs left that they were ever in the car. I am very pleased with the results and highly recommend Details by Mark.

L. Delapaz

I brought my BMW Z4 to Mark for detail work and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. The paint had a lot of hairline scratches when I brought it in, and it looks showroom new now. They were also able to remove several door dings, and did a fantastic repair on some fairly substantial scratches in the leather on the driver's seat. All in all a great job and I would recommend Details by Mark highly!

R. Moore

When I took a sharp turn in my car, 1/2 gal. of paint splashed all over the trunk. I did not know what to do. I tried to clean it up myself but was unsuccessful. I finally called Details by Mark. By the time I arrived at the shop, the paint had already dried in most areas. It could have been cleaned better if I had brought the car in immediately. As it was, the lining of the trunk had to be replaced as well as the rear seat cushions. I got my car back in just a few days and the results were amazing! My car is like new and I am forever grateful for the superior quality of work performed at Details by Mark. Oh yes, the rest of my car was detailed and has never looked better. Thank you Mark. I highly RECOMMEND Details by Mark. They are the BEST.

Shirley S.

I brought my black Mini Cooper to Mark after doing alot of research on detail shops in Portland. I had high expectations based on all the reviews I read and when I got back my car I was extremely pleased. I am extremely particular about how I clean my car and with my black exterior and interior it's easy to see if a dirty spot was overlooked. There was nothing to find though as the detailing was perfect inside & out. Not only did they do a great job detailing my car but it was easy to see that Mark appreciated my business and was hungry to earn my future business. Its always nice to have someone generally focused on how they can do the best job for you.

Michael L.

I had Mark detail my 1999 Discovery. It was in decent shape but was sadly in need of some TLC. Mark was the ticket! I was getting it ready for British car show. My 12 year old vehicle took third place in its class! It looked absolutely great! Literally, like new! I wholly recommend Mark and his services. I will be a returning customer and I will tell my friends about the good work!


Details By Mark did and outstanding job preparing our Subaru for sale. When I brought in the car, it was COVERED in dog hair and I did not expect it to look anywhere near as clean as when I picked it up the next day. I highly recommend Details By Mark to anyone that wants their older car looking new again. These guys are very professional and take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Paul. 9-8-11

Details By Mark is by far the best auto detailing place I have ever been to. My 08 HHR looks new again. Mark went above and beyond with it. To say that I am happy with the results would be an understatement. I will be bringing my car in throughout the year for touch up work and full detailing as needed. His team works hard and does not stop until your car is PERFECT!!! Highly recommended.

Hunter H. 9-1-11

Our '96 Volvo looks immpresively better than when we purchased it. Every square inch was detailed to perfection. It looks fabulous. Thank you very much, Mark!

Al and Sid. 8-31-11

Range Rover Sport just detailed. Dog hair, scratches in the paint, stains in carpet are all gone. The car looks brand new. Will be back for sure.

Mark E. 8-31-11

I called several detail shops and after speaking with Mark, I knew my 2002 Dodge Dakota would be in great hands! Mark and his team did an amazing job! I haven't seen my truck look this good since the day I drove it off the lot…nearly 10 years ago. Excellent job! Thank you!

Amber. 8-25-11

I didn't think it was possible, but our 2000 Jetta looks and even smells new! Mark and his team did a wonderful job! Thank you for your fantastic service and attention to customer satisfaction.

Tever. 8-24-11

I'm getting ready to sell my 12 year old Camry and it really needed more than just superficial attention. I was really quite amazed when I saw what Mark did, making my car look so good I almost didn't want to sell it. This was definitely a value added experience. Thanks Mark

Mark W. 8-4-11

My wife took our Toyota corolla to marks in terrible shape. It smelled moldy and felt sticky everywhere. When we got it back it looked and smelled like new ! To top it off, I saw the right side mirror was broken as I was leaving and told mark it was not broken upon arrival. He thought it was but still told me "talk to your wife and if it was not broken when she dropped it off call this guy (he gave me a business card) and tell him your my customer & it's on me. ". Turns out my wife hit a recycle bin and broke the mirror herself!!! What great quality & service! Thanks MARK.

Larz. 7-31-11

I had the good fortune of having my Toyota Solara detailed with Mark and his team! My car looks better than the day I purchased it nearly four years ago! It looks so amazing and not a speck of dust, dirt, or dog hair. Thank you and your team for your excellent work! It is worth every cent!

Lisa. 7-30-11

I talked to a lot of detail shops and chose Mark the minute I talked with him. The thoroughness of his detailing efforts are unmatched–so much so that I have referred him to a number of friends and a service manager of a major auto dealership. Thanks, Mark for making my car feel like new again.

Jeff B.  7/29/11

I had my 2004 Honda Civic interiorly detailed last week, it looks and feels fantastic! The inside is now amazingly clean and smells new. Thanks so much!

Remi.  7/27/11

I have an outside only 2006 Forester. Would like to get an estimate on outside and inside detail along with the engine compartment. Also will the estimate include the discount for mentioning I found you online or the 10 percent new customer discount. My wife is also interested in getting her 2009 Honda Odyssey done as well.

Scott.  7/21/11

Mark does an outstanding job. Great attention to detail. Tremendous customer service.

Tim J.  7/21/11

Mark's attention to detail and meticulous cleaning of my 2006 Ford F150 Lariat was amazing. I could not believe when I picked it up that it literally looked brand new. Mark was a joy to work with, professional and friendly. If you the best detail job done in Portland this is where you belong !!!

Angie Stein.  7/19/11

2004 Prius restoration of exterior, after one too many drunks side-swiped it, transformed the sad auto from an embarrassment to an artistic statement. Looks great! Thanks a lot!!

JC.  7/19/11

The money I spent on the thorough detailing by Mark was totally worth it. My 2005 Subaru Legacy turbo wagon looks and feels like new. Thank you Mark for your incredible standards, integrity and work ethics. I will recommend your shop whole heartedly.

Marla from NW Portland.  7/17/11

Very thorough cleaning job on my old jeep – like new! Thanks!

Amelia.  7/14/11

My corvette looks just like new again. Thank You Mark we'll be back.

Mark W.  7/14/11

Details By Mark is the best!! We have a 2005 Buick La saber and now it looks like new again after they cleaned it. we spilled watermelon juice in the car. we called mark he got me in fast. Mark and his team did a great job getting rid of the stain and smell. The car now looks like new!! I would not go anywhere else but Details By Mark. Thank you Mark

The Slick Family.  6/26/11

I absolutely love my 1995 Landcruiser – it is such a great machine, and handsome, in a car sort of way of course. After 16 years of kids, dogs, and living under trees, the drainage from the skylight was plugged, leading to mildew inside, not to mention the general wear and tear. Mark and his team completely replaced the material under the rugs; then they cleaned inside and out. He even repainted the wheels. The car looks and smells wonderful. In addition, the drain tubes and skylight gaskets are open and clean. I must say, I and everyone who has looked at the ttansformation is very impressed.

Becky O.  6/25/11

I brought my 2001 Ford F-150 pickup to be detailed (I had to deliver it under cover of darkness, because it was so embarassingly dirty, inside and out). Mark and his crew transformed by 10-year-old truck to incredible and almost brand-new condition. I couldn't be happier! I have to look twice now to make sure the truck is mine!

Liz S.  6/24/11

I picked my car up this afternoon and was delighted to find that all of the reviews I had read were 100% true. My 2005 Subaru is looking better than the day I bought it from the dealership. Six years of camping, skiing, wet dogs, fast food, beach trips, etc… were completely purged from my beige, cloth interior. My car smells like a car should smell, not like a wet dog and french fries. There are no more water stains on the back seats. My seat belts are three shades lighter and he even took apart my gear shifter in order to get every bit of spilled coffee and crumbs out. As you've read, Mark was extremely professional and thorough. He even laundered my sheepskin seat covers and didn't charge me extra. I thought his price was more than fair and it was certainly cheaper than buying a new car, which is what I'd been considering! I will definitely be back. Thank you Mark

Sara R.  6/22/11

I've had my G35 cleaned by pros before, but Mark and his crew are the best, hands down. Worth every penny, and then some.

Jack B.  6/21/11

I have a 1996 BMW convertible. The plastic back window is so damaged by the sun thatI can not see out of it.. Any treatment for this? Tnx

Keith Bowen.  6/21/11

Actually had second thoughts about selling my '97 Subaru Outback when I picked it up this week. After Mark was finished with it, it looked better than the day I bought it! I'll definitely be recommending Details By Mark to friends and bringing my new car here when I want it to look new again.

Christopher.  6/18/11

What joy when I picked up my 1995 Subaru this week…clean, shiny and looking ten years younger. Mark and his team did a remarkable job and far exceeded my expectations. I am recommending Details by Mark to my friends and neighbors, and I will definitely return for future service.

Lani.  6/11/11

I brought my very neglected 2002 Honda Civic to Mark for a detail service. Tons of hair from my golden retriever, coffee spills on the floor, crumbs… I had really let things slide. Mark was very easy to work with. The carpets were so dirty because I hadn't been using my car mats that they had to keep the car an extra day and do the entire shampoo service over again. Mark was very committed to getting the car as clean as it could possibly be. The end result was AMAZING! The car interior basically looks like new, smells great–its a new lease on life for my little car! Mark even gave me a car mat for the drivers side. I thought the price for what they did was quite reasonable especially considering all the extra work that they had to put in. I'll be bringing my car back soon. Thanks, Mark!

Leah.  6/10/11

After my car was broke into in San Francisco, I brought my Subaru to Details by Mark and they made it look like nothing had happened. It is more expensive then other places, but if you want quality, you have to pay for it.

Trevor.  6/9/11

Once again Mark and team has done it! Our 2006 MS6 looks like new. Always an amazing job.

Venessa.  5/27/11

I brought in a 2000 Cadillac Deville to Mark and his team to be detailed. From reading the recommendations on their web site I expected to be impressed, but nothing prepared me for the new car I saw when I came to pick it up. The care and attention to detail my car received was beyond anything I could have expected. The car literally glowed inside and out! I felt like I drove a brand new car out of his garage. The car I brought to them really needed attention. I was embarrassed because of how I'd neglected and miss-treated it. I transported a 60# dog to and from day-car each day, and unfortunately have a serious Starbucks addiction. There were many unintended coffee spills and Mark advised that I hold the record for the quantity of pastry crumbs they cleaned up! Not a record I'm proud of! It is expensive, but you get what you pay for and I have no regrets for spending the money. The car is beautiful and will now remain so. I will be returning every 3 months for maintenance and they won't find any crumbs or coffee spills next time!

Kyle.  5/19/11

Mark and his company do it again! I had a 2007 Lincoln Navigator Elite Detailed so I could sell it. The first customer bought it said and I quote "It looks brand new." Very little negotiation and within one week it sold. Thanks again Mark for you great service.

Richard Hawkes, Damascus.  5/3/11

Mark did an amazing job on our 2006 Nissan Altima! It is like a brand new car. He was very complete about every step of the process in removing smoke and toxic orders from the interior of our car. I highly recommend Details By Mark to everyone that would like "Top Notch" service and an outstanding finished product. Thanks Mark!

Rick.  5/3/11

Looking for a detail shop to make your wheels look new again, then look to Details by Mark! Mark took our battered, dirty 1996 Toyota truck and made it look and feel new again. Dirty carpets and upholstery, broken seat belts and directional vents, left over residue from exploding pop cans, were just the basics that Mark repaired, replaced and scrubbed clean. Fifteen years of grim, dirt and scraps disappeared with detailed cleaning, tender buffing and touch-up paint.. The wax job is so good, water beaded up while driving 55 mph down the freeway. Now our 1996 Toyota truck looks like it just rolled off the new car lot. Heads turn when we drive down the street or pull into park. We now plan to make annual visit to Mark's shop. We strongly recommend Details by Mark.

Dave.  4/21/11

I took my 1993 Explorer to Mark and WOW my wife thought I had bought a new car, Mark and his crew turned an old worn out rig into a restored oldie,have 2 notes,(in 3 days) left on window wanting to buy it, Mark is great to deal with and more important, is a man of integrety a pretty rare thing these days.forgot to mention the fantasic job he did on my interor(it is like new) this is a busniess I will return to and will recomend any chance I get. Wonderful experience and I am a VERY happy customer.

Lew Graf.  4/11/11

Mark does fantastic work, and he's a great communicator. Whatever questions I had, he took the time to answer thoroughly. My car had some interior water damage, and I wasn't very hopeful that it could be repaired. But it's like brand new – incredible. I am telling all my friends and family to stop wasting their time going to any other detail shops, because Mark provides the absolute best service.

Adrienne.  4/5/11

Absolutely turned a 7-year old Mazda Tribute into a new car! Inside and out. Member Comments: Mark is a man of his word. I thought he was exaggerating when he said 98% of his pre-sale work resulted in a sale to the first person to see the car. That is exactly what happened to me. I had a choice to go with a less-expensive detail, but chose the more expensive TOTAL WORKS and do not regret it. I easily recouped the expense of detailing. Mark is very busy, but easygoing, and got to the job right away. He finished on time and my wife's poor neglected Mazda was transformed. He and his guys know what they're doing!

Ron Duvall. 4/5/11

I bought this 01 Chevy Impala that had a terrible stinch inside the car. I thought there would be no way the smell would ever get out of the interior. I took my car to Mark, and he assessed the smell. There was also mold forming in the trunk as well. Mark did an extensive job on the interior as well as my trunk. My car went from smelling like a barnyard to smelling like a GM car. The insides were immaculate, my trunk was rid of mold, as well as other potent smells. Any car i need detailed will definitely go to Mark. I really appreciate his passion and efforts to make my car clean once again. A+. Thanks Mark.

Jason Franklin.  3/26/11

A few years ago, I traded cars with my mechanic and ended up with this wonderful 1988 Volvo 240 DL. The car is a magnificent workhorse. I have used it like a truck (filling the trunk with rock and mulch), and it does live outside, so it sees its fair share of wear, tear, and exposure. The car has been a faded brown/pink/maroon color since I got it, but recently I noticed it was mottling to a whitish color in places, and there was moss and algae growing around the trunk. There was also perpetual condensation in the trunk, and mold was beginning to grow in places. I wasn't hung up on aesthetics, but I was concerned about the potential threat to the longevity of the vehicle if the white spots began to oxidize and the moss ate away at the exterior. The mold growing in the trunk was disgusting. We've been taking my husband's Volvo XC to Mark for maintenance detailing since we got it, and it still looks brand new. (My neighbors are always astounded because the interior is cream colored, and my husband is not the most fastidious of men.). I decided to take my car in to let him have a look. I know Mark's work, so I figured he'd do a great job of cleaning it inside and out. I knew he could get rid of the moss and the mold. I was hopeful that he could solve the moisture problem in the trunk. I assumed then that he would either send me somewhere to get it painted, or put some sort of protective primer on it to keep it from rusting, but that would be the extent of what was possible. I could not have been more wrong. When I arrived to pick up the car, I could not believe that it was my Vovlo. The color was a rich, shiny deep red that I had honestly never seen before. The trim was black and luscious instead of cracked and grey. Mark had installed new tail lights to replace the leaky old ones and had sealed up breaches around the trunk with silicon. He even found me a new hubcap to replace one lost a few years back due to a pothole. Gone were all traces of green growth from within and without. He got stains out of the upholstery that I thought were part of the car! It was a complete transformation. I was nearly at a loss for words. When I brought the car home, my husband commented that even the shape looked different. He couldn't get over how beautiful it looked. One of my neighbors thought we'd traded the Volvo for a newer one. My other neighbors were convinced the car had been painted. While i was out with the car, a stranger commented on how great the car looked and how well I must have been caring for it. I told him the truth. It was all Mark. I had brought him faded mess turned science experiment, and he had returned a magnificent, sparkling — I even want to say happy and proud — red car. It's like the Volvo itself has a whole new attitude. I can't say enough about Mark and his team. They work miracles! I can't imagine ever taking my car anywhere else.

Kelly Klinglesmith.  3/25/11

My 1998 Subaru Outback was in dire need of a thorough detailing both inside and outside. It's amazing how a car can lose its luster after 13-years of good backroad and city use. Over 140,000 miles and hauling four 80#+ Labs much of the time can take a toll on the interior and dog hairs were everywhere. Although I cleaned the inside and outside of the Outback regularly and waxed it twice a year, it was showing it's age. A few careless drivers also put small dents in the front and rear driver's side fenders and painted bumpers showed scarring from minor contacts. Ed Murczek recommended that I take my rig to Mark for a complete detailing and paintless dent removal(see his comments below). I did. it was not cheap but the results were fantastic. The interior is near new looking and I could not find one errant dog hair. They were thorough. The two dents were pulled out to near perfect appearance and the touchup of bumper scrapes were adequately painted. The exterior wax job was superb and the engine compartment could be confused with a 2011 model… Spotless! Tires, rims and wheel wells were nicely cleaned and dressed. Am I pleased with the work? An absolute YES! It's hard to throw out hard earned cash for a car vacuum and wash and wax job when you can do it yourself, as I have done for most years. The work performed by Details by Mark will give you a new perspective on vehicle cleanliness and eye appeal. I'm extremely happy with the results. Now that I'v got a like new Outback, I'll postpone considering buying the 2011 model.

Ann Blume.  3/17/11

Amazing! My car looked brand new. He even spent the time to keep the car over night in order to get a really deep set stain in the carpet. It looked like new and they handled the rental car and everything. Truly class act! Excellent customer service and superior car detailing service, I will definitely be using them again!

Melissa McDermott.  3/10/11

WOW! a new van, almost. After returning from an extended holiday, I found mold growing on the steering wheel, seat belts, headliner and other interior locations throughout my 1998 Ford Club Wagon van. The windshield seal had apparently separated allowing water to seep in during my long absence. I had the windshield replaced and the glass company recommended Details by Mark to address the mold problem. They said he'd do a thorough job. I took my van to Mark and I'm glad I did. He explained the seriousness of the mold issue to me thoroughly and how they would handle it. I was impressed by Mark's professionalism and thoroughness. I felt comfortable leaving my van in his hands and his crew. It was gonna be about a three day job, and it did take that long. The seats,seatbelts and inside panneling were removed and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for mold. They in essence thoroughly striped the inside of the van and thoroughly cleaned every nook and cranny. The outside of the van, including the tires and wheels were extremely shinny and spotless. The wheel wells were cleaned also. When I arrived home, my neighbor came over to talk with me. The first words out of his mouth were, "did you buy a new van?" He was impressed too. Mark and his crew did an outstanding job of solving my mold problem as well as giving me back a new looking and smelling van. I'll return. Give Details by Mark a try, your vehicle will love you for it.

Ed Murczek.  2/24/11

I had taken our new Mazda Miata to several detail shops in Portland and could not find anyone who said they could remove the odd film that was on the entire vehicle. Even the Mazda dealership said I would need a new paint job to fix the issue at a cost of almost $4,000. Mark said he could do the job and would stand behind his work. It took two days for them to do the job, but the results are fantastic to say the least. I was afraid the film would re-appera over time as some other detailers said it would, but it has been several months and we have no sign of the film returning. I would highly recommend Details by Mark as they do outstanding work on the tough jobs at a very fair price!

Jim Zwicker.  2/24/11

Thank you for the fine service. My 2004 Landcruiser is almost new inside. I really appreciated the attention to detail.

Rob Nye.  2/19/11

After driving my husband's car to the beach last week, I knew it was time for his car to get the same TLC treatment that Mark and his guys had given my car. Bill's car has a lighter interior (nice, but will never do that again with a dog) and shows every paw print. His car looks fabulous and the work done to get it to look so good was outstanding!!! I won't mind riding in his car now that it looks as good as mine. Thanks for your help!!!

Molly M.  2/10/11

I just got my Tacoma back from Mark and his guys and I immediately called my dad (and my girlfriends dad) just to brag about it (because they're just as 'particular' as these folks and would appreciate it). This truck goes everywhere – mountain, desert, coast – fishing, hiking, camping and my dog has his second home in the back. Simply put – it looks awesome. Just awesome. Every piece of trim, rubber, plastic, headlight, turn signal is immaculate. There's not a swirl mark, wax residue or over run anywhere. The wheels have never looked so bright and clean. I didn't even ask (or pay for) anything to be done to the interior and it still got a really decent vacuum and wipe down – and this is just the surface stuff. The engine looks like it just rolled off the floor – I've never had anyone pay this much attention to detail and do the kind of job they did detailing it on any other aspect of a vehicle. Mark took me over every inch of the work that was done and continued spot checking it as he went along. It's not cheap and it took 2 full days but it is worth every penny and you will not be disappointed. If you are – I'm sure Mark will make it right.

Ian B.  2/8/11

Amazing work. Mark is the best. He took our 2003 Suburban and made it look nicer than one right off the assembly line. Thanks!

Coby and Marianne McDonald.  2/7/11

Okay – so we heard the amazing reports about this place. But to discover that it is even BETTER than all we heard was really heart warming. These guys CARE and they treat you like friends (and your cars even more so!!). D (Demetrius) could not have been nicer and more understanding. I have never written an on-line review before but this place deserves 10 stars. Best customer service in town.

Diarmuid.  2/7/11

Now that my car has a garage bay to it's self, I felt it time to treat my rare, 1 of 140 built, CD-Silver 3-door SVT Ford Focus "Euro Spec" to the Full Monty at Mark's. I've had the car 2 years, and it's been parked outdoors the whole time. The finish was dull, the glass and body were covered in "water spots" that wouldn't wash off, things were trying to grow in every nook and cranny on the exterior, and the headlights were AWFUL with hazing. Now when I see my 8 year old car, it looks like it was just built. It looks wet just sitting there dry. My friends and co-workers were amazed at the transformation. And I can't believe how much cleaner it looks with the "go-fast" stickers and those horrible, ugly "ventshades" removed. You easily polished $1000 of value into my car. It's amazing, and has to be the cleanest SVT Focus in Portland. Thanks again Mark, you'll be seeing my '05 Jeep Wrangler sooner than later.

Matt B – PDX

I bought my VW Jetta Wagon brand new, that was 8 years ago. During that time I've taken it on 100's of fishing and camping trips, leaving my car perpetually dirty. I visited my family for a few weeks over the holidays, right when Portland had record rains. I came back to find the inside of my car soaking wet, moldy and smelled horrible. I gave it to Mark, who did an excellent job helping me navigate the gauntlet that is my insurance company, gave me a loaner car and returned my car looking brand new! I haven't seen my car this clean since the first week I bought it! I highly recommend Mark to anyone wanting a great service and an exceptionally clean car!

Nicholas E

I love getting my car back from Mark as it's always just like it was when it was brand new. In spite of my best efforts, my dog manages to deposit a ton of sand in places you can't see, except for Mark. He and his crew did outstanding work and I wouldn't take my car any place else.

Molly M

Details! The devil was in my details, but you've heard that one before. This business is by far the best place I have ever worked with. The level of professionalism that Mark and his crew possess is phenomenal. From the first time I spoke with Mark over the phone, he detailed how his shop works, and gave me specific ideas of how to handle my water damage problem. If you are looking for a detail shop with a good reputation, look no further. Details by Mark is the best in the business. And they even cleaned my seat belts!!


The whole group at Details by Mark took my soggy mess of a car and made it practically new … and dry! They were quick, easy to work with and very professional.

Erin P

Mark and his team worked their magic on my '74 Volvo to get it ready to sell. They took at least 20 years off her! Beautiful work.


Mark & the guys made my husband's 2001 Subaru Outback interior milk- and dog-odor-free, and the exterior moss and grime free – in an exceptionally short time. I'm impressed. The cost was a little higher, but the job was thorough. No complaints, only a very good recommendation. I'll definitely go back.

Nancy S

Gave my 2001 Honda Accord a 'beauty treatment' for her 10th birthday. What a makeover – she loved the TLC from Mark and the guys! She wants to go back for more — I guess she'll have to get dirty (again)!!


After Mark detailed my '98 Toyota Avalon, I sold it to the first interested buyer. They immediately commented on how great the interior looked. Thank you Mark!


Mark will take great care of you and your car, you get what you pay for. If there is a problem, he will fix it and He gives you personal service. I have a 2007 Black GT Mustang and he took extra care to make sure that the finish was done right. I have had work done in town by competitors before using Mark and can say you are wasting your money if you go anywhere else.

Jeremy B

he car looked absolutely great. Areas that have been long plagued by dirt were completely clean. The car was absolutely odorless to boot! I purchased the car used a few years ago, and when I got the car back it was in better condition than I bought. Mark was up front about timing and cost as well!

Andy S

Too good to believe Steve…

Steve Watson – Portland Oregon

I took a 2001 Nissan Sentra that had seen better days to Mark for detailing. It was a car I inherited and was looking to sell so that it didn't have to sit in front of my house through the winter. Mark was professional, didn't make me feel bad about the gruesome shape the interior of the vehicle was in, and effectively worked magic to bring the car up to sellable condition. When I got the car back, I had a few days of hesitancy about selling it because it was in such great shape! When I posted the car to sell, the first person to look at the car ended up buying it the next day. Mark is a magician, and I'll trust him with every vehicle I own!


My dog got sick in the back of my 2008 Toyota Yaris…it was horrendous. I tried to clean it myself with a steam cleaner and various cleaning products, but the smell just seemed to get worse. I brought it to Mark and was amazed that it smells 100% back to normal (even better than normal, since that ever present dog smell is gone). It didn't take long at all and a week later, I'm still so relieved every time I get in my car! Thanks, Mark!


My 2001 Landcrusier desperately needed a cleaning. I am still amazed at how beautiful it looks now. It looks even nicer than it did when I bought it (used). Mark is professional and detailed focused. Friends can't believe how clean the interior is now. The work Details by Mark does is exceptional. I will always bring my car here for cleaning.


I spilled milk in my Toyota Prius and the smell horrendous! Not to mention the wet dog smell my lab has been working on for the past two years. Mark was amazing. He knew what it would take to get the smell out, gave me a loaner car, and wouldn't return the car until it met his criteria. His standards are much higher than mine. If you are researching detail shops, stop, you have found your place.


Took my car in for a much needed detail and coat of wax. Having recently relocated from eastern WA, where the winters are a little harsher, I was happy to find a great local shop. Mark and his staff took a whole day with my car and detailed the heck out of it. Got rid of the yellow road paint that I drove through at some point and was splattered in the wheel wells. I will definitely be going back to Mark for all future detail work. The car looked awesome for weeks afterwards. My dad was helping me wash it the other day and even said he could FEEL the wax on it from over two months ago. I can't imagine anywhere in Portland that will have better service and value than Details by Mark.

C King

I took my "new" 2008 BMW 328xi wagon I just bought to Mark to get it to feel like a new car after the prior owner's possession. He and his crew did just that. Mark obviously cares about detail in all aspects of his work. From the collection of small cars and photos in his office to the way that his crew treats the cars, you can tell he is involved at all levels of the business. They cleaned the BMW so that there was no trace of the prior family that had used it – including below the seat cushions and in the interstices that are impossible to vacuum. Best of all, they cleaned out the Portland-weather induced crud that accumulates in the door and window gutters and around the gaskets. That alone was worth the price. I will definitely develop a relationship with Mark for this car and for our other cars. This will be easy to do as he also offers good incentives for a customer to maintain their business. Thanks Mark – see you soon with our minivan.

Zach Kramer

I just purchased a 2002 Blue Dodge Durango that smelled like a chain smoker lived in it. Smell gone and not covered up. Paint looks shinier than a still water lake. Nice Job Guys!

Alan L.

Mark detailed our 1991 Mercedes and he was able to restore it to mint condition. I thought that we were going to need to replace the carpet. I would recommend his shop to anyone. I'll never take our cars anywhere else.

Paula N.

My 1990 Honda Prelude was in desperate need of detailing and I didn't know where to go. I searched for detailers online and came across Details by Mark. Speaking with Mark on the phone solidified the impression I got from his website, that Mark is professional with great customer service and truly cares about quality work. My Prelude had not been cleaned for, literally, years. In addition, it had sat outside all winter and developed mold/mildrew on the exterior. Details by Mark did an excellent job detailing my Prelude. When I picked up my car, it looked years younger. I enjoy driving it again thanks to Mark and his crew. Mark definitely backs up his word with exceptional service.

Allison W.

I came to Mark with my 2004 Land Rover in a state of total disaster. Mark thoroughly explained my options and gave me the time I needed to decide. He was personal and professional. I felt my vehicle was in very good hands when I dropped it off and when I returned, well, it was like getting a brand new car!! Beautiful detailing, precise cleaning without the superficial glam finishing. Just purely professional, natural, and sparkling clean work from Details by Mark! I'm so impressed. Top of the line service and quality.

Lisa M

In August of 2010 I purchased a 1995 Honda del sol, that I felt was in good shape and only had 85,000 actual miles.I wanted it detailed, because a lot of the paint and upholstery although in good condition looked tired. When I got the car back, it looked like a new car. It was impecable and I have had a lot of positive comments and people wanting to buy the car. I plan on taking it back every 4 months and get their detail package tp keep it up.

Jim Panos

I found Details by Mark through Google. I have never had my truck detailed before and chose him soley on the basis of his website. After talking to him I was further impressed… he was friendly and knowledgeable and I felt comfortable right away. My 1995 Ford Ranger had pitch all over the hood from a camping trip. Not only was this removed, but the truck came back to me looking SUPER SHINY and as nice as when I purchased it back in 1998. I will take any future vehicles back to Mark as I was a completely satisfied customer!!

Courtnie Austin

In May I purchased an old Toyota Cargo van. They're very unusual and hard to find but I just had to have one. Although nice for its age, I knew I'd be replacing the carpet. However, I ran across Mark's website and decided it had to be cheaper than the carpet kit I found on the web for $800. It was, and I couldn't be happier with it. I almost didn't have them clean the upholstery since I thought it looked good enough, but I went ahead and had the cleaning done and now they feel like new. I'll be going back to Details by Mark again, for sure!

Sandy W.

Mark's work was higly recommended to me. I am totally satisfied. My car looks better now than in any of the 4 years I have owned it.

J. Colonna

Felt like my car had new leather seats put in! Wasn't all slick and oiled up with the fake shiny garbage I had other detailers use before- just nice and clean! The funkie odors are gone too. Thanks Guys!

Dr. Marcum

I found Mark online and the detail work was just as good as it sounded. I took my 2004 Grand Cherokee to him for a pre-sale detail and got it back looking like new. Not only did I receive countless compliments from potential buyers on how it looked, but he even referred a potential buyer to me! Mark takes genuine interest in his clients and takes pride in his work. I would highly recommend his work to anyone, particularly before selling your car. Thanks Mark!

Chris O.

MBI Motors told me about Mark and I am so grateful! I took my 2004 Black Mercedes to Mark before I sold it. It was the best money I have ever spent. They touched up rock chips and made the car perfect, even for black! The first person that looked at my car bought it on the spot…this would not have happened had I not invested in Mark's magic :)

Kristie Flanagan

I took my 2006 Acura TL to Details by Mark to have it detailed for sale. He and his crew did an such excellent job, I've decided to keep my car for a while. It is so much fun to drive a car that looks and smells brand new again. I like it so much, I'm going to plan on having regular quarterly detailing done on whatever car I own. I would highly recommend Details by Mark to anyone looking for a quality, affordable detailing of their car. Thanks Mark and crew!

Sandy Gilman

There aren’t words for the job Mark and his team did on my car. It looked trashed when I gave it to them – covered in sticky tree sap and the detritus of three road trips. When they returned it, it looked and smelled brand new. Any recommendation I could give would not match their peerless work. Many thanks.

Matthew Kauth

Mark was recommended to me by the great water leak person who repaired my VW after this rainy winter. Mark was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He made the logistics easy and returned my car looking and smelling as good as new. They went above and beyond, down to the last detail. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nicole O.

I have some freinds that have taken their cars and trucks to details by Mark's shop to have them detailed. I have my car in there now because of all the great work and quality I have seen come out of that crew. they take care of everything. I had a knew winshield put in the coordinated it. My car had some vandalizm done to it. Mark took car of all the work and the car is looking brand new again. I will have my car detailed by them everytime twice a year. Thanks mark and crew. you are the best.

Tom Delepine

I brought our 2004 Toyota Sienna into Mark especially to clean the interior (we camp and haul our bicycles in the back so it was very dirty and with a lot of grease from the chains). The interior is like new and all of the grease is gone. I especially like it that the car doesn't smell like perfume. The outside looks terrific, too – beyond my expectations.

Rita P

There was one statement on the website that caught my attention. It said, "We are the best at what we do." After having two vehicles left in Mark's care, I can tell you that they most certainly are the best at what they do. It's easy to clean a clean car. It is not easy to clean old cars with hard water stains on glass, mold on rubber window trim, and oxidation on old paint. I took in a '74 Ford truck that had been under a tree for a year. I knew it would not be cheap. It wasn't. But by the time they were finished, I was the proudest truck owner in the city. It was amazing what they had done. Amazing. No matter what vehicle you give them, they will not give it back to you unless it's perfect. They care that much about the details. A very fitting name for this company. You will love what they do to your car.

Jeffrey Van Horn

I found Mark on the web and after talking with him decided to use him to detail my Lexus rx400h. He had quite a challenge due to my two dogs. When I picked it up the leather seats were like new! I couldn't believe it was the same interior. It looks awesome and I love my car again! Thanks!

Karen M

I brought in my 2003 4Runner and couldn't be happier with the results. They cleaned everything, inside and out and it hasn't looked this nice since I drove it off the showroom floor. Mark got scratches off the sides I didn't even know were there and polished the headlight covers so that they are clear again. What a great job, even finishing the job early. I will definitely recommend them to anyone.

Jeanne J.

I took my pre owned VW Golf to Mark for a thorough cleaning. It had dog hair embedded in the interior and paint on the bumper from scraps with other cars. He made it look great- he was able to get out the majority of the bumper stuff and really made the interior look great. No more dog hair, no sticky shiny stuff, simply a clean car. It was ready when he said it would be. Thank you, I will be back!

Kara Kerpan

I drove in with a 1994 Mazda Miata & I drove out with a new 1994 Miata, right off the showroom floor! Wow!! I couldn't see through the convertible window & somehow they made it as clear as new. Their work is impeccable & Mark's personal service is so exceptional, it makes you forget the automated world we live in!

Dale S.

I called Mark the same day I had to return a leased car. Not only did he take it in, the quality and eye for detail his crew had was unbelievable. Bottom line, these guys are true professionals, have A+ customer service, take pride in what they do, and are extremely reasonably priced for the quality of service you receive. They also don't use the typical chemicals other places use! I would recommend Details by Mark to everyone. THANK YOU Mark & Crew!

Dawn Strout

I took our car into Mark to get it ready to sell and when i brought it home we liked how it looked so much that we're considering hanging on to it. He and his team did everything from cleaning the food and spills out of our entire car to repairing dings, scratches and even offered to replace my badly cracked windshield! This alone saved me $300 vs the dealer quote. i'll use DBM again and would recommend it to anyone who asks. The customer service was great as well.

phil c

My wife and I were looking to sell our late model Honda and thanks to Details By Mark, it sold to the first person who looked at it. The car came back looking practically brand new.

Matt S.

Most impressed with the job done on our 99 audi. Never had a detail done before and was amazed at how great it looked. Somuch so that I returned the new floor mats I had purchased. The carpet turned out so good they wern't needed! Can't say enough about the job Mark and crew did.

Dennis Schweppe

After finding that a rat had been feasting on my engine wires, I was understandably shaken and I was looking for a solution. Mark provided thoughtful and detailed information about cleaning the engine compartment. Without even seeing my car, he talked about how to approach tackling the engine cleaning to remove the rat problem. After hearing about their thorough process when I brought my car in, I decided to have the interior of the car detailed for the first time, thinking that I certainly would get my money's worth after building up more than 10 years of grime. Mark and his team did an excellent job on my older Nissan Sentra given the limitations of an older car. Most importantly, I haven't seen any evidence of rats yet. Mark in particular is very well informed about his business as well as the 'rigs' he works on and he isn't stingy about sharing that information with you. Thanks Mark!

Paul H

I have a Jeep Commander that had put through the ringer by two boys. Mark and his team have made it look as if it just rolled of the showroom floor. Truly dedicated to perfection and extremely polite. I will always go back and recommend them to anyone who will listen.

Ted Charak

Mark saved our Volkswagen in a virtually painless way for us. Our car smelled terrible and we could not figure out the cause. Mark knew instantly that it had water damage and he proceeded to figure out why. In no time he informed us that it had been infested by mice. We were shocked and knew it was going to be a big project. Mark knew exactly how to handle the situation and even got it covered by our insurance. The car has new carpeting and smells wonderful. This was a fabulous detailing job! I highly recommend this company.


Just had my 1995 E320 Mercedes detailed and it truly looks brand new. I am very impressed. I had unfortunate dings from careless vehicles opening their doors. You can't even tell they were ever there. I feel like I'm driving my car again for the first time. Thanks Mark.

Susan G.

I just brought my 2001 Denali to Mark to be detailed. It is the best detail I have ever had done on any vehicle I have owned. Mark has great customer service, also is very personable! The people that work for Mark are very friendly and professional. For a ten year old vehicle with 100k miles on it, it literly looks almost brand new. Thank you Mark!

Richard H.

I recently brought my car to Mark as my previous detailing shop had closed. My previous shop was a one man operation & he spent 12 hrs. on a full detail. A benchmark had been set & I expected a high quality job. And I could compare as both cars were black on black corvettes. Black is without a doubt the hardest color to work on. To sum it up my car looked infintely better than when I picked it up new at the dealer. And they did surpass the work I had done at my previous shop. If you are looking for a shop that does a quick detail Mark's is not for you. If you are looking for high quality work done by a group of professionals who obviously know their trade & take pride in doing it this is your shop. Your patience will be rewarded. I highly recommend them.

Andy K.

Mark and his team did an incredible job on my girlfriends Toyota Highlander. They even got the ground in old cofee stains out. Mark and his crew take detailing to a whole new level. I would recommend his work to anyone who's looking for a major interior face lift for their rolling pride and joy.


This was the best detail job my car has ever had and it was well worth the $$! Mark was a wonderful person to deal with and I will certainly not hesitat to recommend him to all my friends and go back to him myself. My 91 Lincoln Towncar looks like a brand new car right off the showroom floor! Unfortunately I have to keep my car parked outdoors and it came into his shop covered in algae in every crook and cranny but you would never know it now! I was a little nervous trying to find his shop not being familiar with that area of town, and he didn't hesitat to come and pick up my car and deliver it back to me. I thought that was above and beyond the call of duty and really did appreciate that service! Mark was quite professional on the phone explaining every single detail and he certainly came thru with what he promised. And you can tell that he and his crew are real perfectionist and I am more than happy wiwth the quality of care they gave my car. I'm very happy with the quality of work and the quality of customer service! Needless to say, I highly recommend Details by Mark!

Kathy Garrett

They did a great job getting the pet odors out – really took the time to clean and air out and redo as needed. the car looked awesome when we got it back. definitely pricey after all the time they put into getting everyone clean, but superb job.


A quick note to say that I am very pleased by the detail job performed by Mark and the gang. I have a large Nissan Titan pick up that looked new when I picked it up. There was an issue with the air bag light not turning off. Mark had not seen this before, but called his number one airbag reset guy and it was reset at my office during a time when I could open the truck up. All costs involved paid for by Mark. Great customer service. I am very pleased.

Eric H

I just got my 1994 Jeep Wrangler back from Mark, and couldn't be more pleased. It is a soft top– WHITE no less– that has been in and out of the Portland weather for over 8 years now. On top of that, it is largely used as a "dog hauler" for my Australian shepherd and my Boston terrier. As you can imagine, there was a wee bit of mildew forming, and a major amount of dog fur! Though it hadn't had a bath or vacuum in years, it looks beautiful now. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mark for any job, large or small!

Kristin C.

I took the Outback that I inherited from my father to Mark before selling it. He removed every trace of ten years of cigarette smoke, as well as three years of big dogs. Every inch of the car was so immaculate, I didn't want to give it up. Like another happy customer said, I wish everyone was so good at their job. I told everyone I know that Mark is some kind of auto detailing super hero! The car sold promptly, but I almost wish it was still mine to drive. Thanks Mark!

A. Duke

Mark did a great job with carpet and seat cleaning in my 2007 Prius – very professional, very detailed (no pun intended) and the car looked brand new when I got it back (when promised). I'll definitely be using Mark and his crew again when my car needs it!

Josh Payne

Iv'e had many detail jobs done on my 2001 M/B. This was by far the most comprehensive detail so far. Mark made the car look like new,I mean new !!. We are going to get the Audi done next.

Fred C Berg

Mark is an amazing person–the kind of person you wish you could deal with in everything. My car, which was a mess, truly looked as good as it did when new. I thought I would have to replace the back convertible window because it was so scratched. By some magic (and sweat) he and his crew made it perfectly clear–like new, as was the rest of the car. Besides that, I was out of the country when he did the detailing and the starter on the car failed. Mark got it repaired, showing incredibly good judgment, respnsibility and motivation. He is fabulous to deal with and I feel great about the whole thing. Besides

Elaine Tanzer

I was in a hurry to sell two vehicles (both over 10-years-old) in one weekend. Mark arranged for pick up and drop off during the week beforehand. Both cars were returned on time. I was shocked with how good the cars looked. I sold both for blue book within 24 hours of posting on craigslist. I'm definitely a fan and now a long-term client.


My car was a mess. Two kids and two dogs left stains and dog hair everywhere!! When I picked up the car, I was absolutely floored. The car was cleaner than it had been when I bought it. I sold my car to the first person who looked and got $1000 more than I was expecting. Thanks!!

Angie K

My girlfriend told me I had to drop my truck off for a couple of days because she was getting the inside detailed for me for as a present. I didn't understand why they needed it for 2 days when shop "B" (down the road) could do it in 2 hours. When I picked my truck up and Mark opened the door, I couldn't believe what I saw. I don't think my truck was that clean when I bought it new in 1997. It was spotless and smelled clean! I use my truck for multiple hunting trips every year in Wyoming and track large amounts of nasty mud in it. After leaving Marks shop I looked everywhere for any piece of mud to remind me of my trip. No luck, just memories of how clean it was from the first day I bought it. I was also surprised that Mark had washed my truck and cleaned my wheels. My wheels have never been spotless and I almost thought he had bought me new ones. VERY VERY pleased with how detailed Mark and his crew were!!! Details by Mark is the only detailer aloud to touch my truck, no more shop "B's" that take 2 hours!

Ryan T

Mark and his crew did an absolutely marvelous job detailing my 1995 Saab 900SE. I take really good care of my car, but was astounded by how beautiful it was after Details by finished with it. The car looks brand new. I'd recommend Details by Mark to anyone.

Sally L

My father in law, a heavy smoker, just sold us his car. I brought my car to Mark to help remove the nicotine smell that permeated the vehicle. I was amazed at how clean they were able to get the car and no more smell! Mark you get 4 stars in my book.

Kelly M

The only thing that makes getting food poisoning worse is when it happens while driving on the freeway at rush-hour. I really didn't want to barf all over myself, my car/mobile office and important tools of the trade. However, my god send at the end of the porcelain bowl arrived when I randomly called Details By Mark. Not only did he get me in immediately, he made me at feel at ease in that i'm not the first or the last and it's no big deal, they will take care of it. Indeed, the entire staff took special care of me and my car in an urgent yet delicate manner. Thank you for your grace and efficiency. My car never looked better and I lost at least a dress size in water weight. Try not to barf in your car but if you do call Mark. Or if you just need good people to do a great job cleaning up your filthy car you should go there too!!


Thanks for all the work on my sandy car. It looks like the day I bought it! I'll be back.

Molly Morgan

I just picked up my, formerly, Disc Golf mudded and Irish Terrierized `04 Lexus LX 470 from Details by Mark and it looks so GREAT that I'm wondering if Mark's crew deployed a time machine??? 110k miles and our car looks as good as it did when I bought it…and without all the phony smells and slippery gels that I thought it would take to mask the wear and tear of 6 years of Stumptown Coffee spills, Northwest weather and fun. Thanks, Guys. I will recommend you to everyone and will be back every few months to keep the car looking & driving like it does today.


A homeless guy peed inside my car. No joke! The smell was atrocious. I am absolutely amazed at the great work Mark did cleaning the interior. Somehow, my car looks even better than the day I drove it off the lot brand new!!! I'm so happy!!!

Julie F.

I just bought a 7 year old VW Eurovan Weekender that had been used very heavily by dog owners. The light gray upholstery and carpets had a brownish tinge, there was dog hair embedded in the seats, and the van reeked of wet dog and had a sickly smell of air freshener that the dealership where I bought it had used to mask the dog odor. I brought it to Mark and was surprised at how much he knew about cleaning all of the upholstery, curtains, carpets, and mattress components in this type of van. I stopped by on the second day and he had the interior completely disassembled so he could clean in every nook and cranny. He rubbed the carpet with a white towel and showed me how dirty it still was after one pass and said he was going to go over it all again. It took 3 days to clean it and dry it since there were so many surfaces that needed multiple cleanings. When I went to pick it up, I would swear that if the odometer didn't say nearly 100,000 miles, that I had a brand new van. It's absolutely beautiful. The light gray upholstery is restored to it's original brightness, the smells are completely gone and it just sparkles. He even replaced the screens in the sliding windows that were missing and drilled out a broken screw in the pop top latch and replaced it. Best of all, he uses unscented cleaning products so my van now just smells really clean and fresh. Ten thumbs up! Thank you!

Erin Flasher

I came across this shop due to vincinity of my work. The customer service was extradordinarily gracious. Once I received my car, it was in better condition than when I first purchased the vehicle new off the lot. Not only did the gentlemen, complete the scope I had engaged them to do, they completed work that I had not even asked. They were able to work within my timeframe and budget and I could not have been happier! There are few businesses that under promise and over deliver anymore but this shop does just that! I would recommend this to any skeptic of detail or those who no longer believe in work ethics!

Amber Allbritton

WOW! I can't believe how nice my car looks after being detailed by this shop. It's been detailed before, but never like this. These guys are seriously good! Not only did my 8 year old Saturn look like new, but I swear it even drove better when I drove it away that day! Thanks for an amazing job, guys!

Todd P.

Mark was not only ultra-professional, he was generous and accomodating in lending us his vehicle while our only car was being serviced by his team overnight. Our car had not had an interior detail since we purchased it in five years prior and the combination of light colored interior and several family members with a knack for spilling beverages had turned it into a smelly and unattractive crud-mobile. After Mark's meticulous care, it emerged reborn, beautiful, clean and glowing!!!! We love our "new" car and will never go anywhere else. We are also newly inspired to take the car back to Mark more frequently so we can enjoy the beauty more often. Thank you Mark, and thank your team!

Siobhan and Dan

My husband and I brought our 12 year old car to Details by Mark to be detailed. Mark and his team made our car beautiful again for a very reasonable price. We were impressed by the quick scheduling and turnaround time, and the level of professionalism and passion that Mark and his team brought to the job. Kudos to them and we highly recommend this shop!

Felice and Keith

The folks here are incredibly meticulous, every surface on the car, every nook and cranny was cleaned. I took my car in expecting it to be clean, but I got back what was essentially a new car (other than the 95,000 on the engine). Talking to Mark you can tell he has a lot of pride in what he does, it definitely shows in his work.


I was referred to Mark and it was the best referral I've ever received. Mark's shop is top notch. My VW had mold growing and mildew smell all throughout, fabric, ventilation and all. Now it's completely clean with no odor at all. Mark has been doing this for a long time and is highly knowledgeable about water issues, how to solve them and how to negotiate with your car insurance carrier. Not only is their work incredible, but the customer service is superb as well.


Mark and his crew did an unbelievably incredible job restoring my cars interior to its original state. I was amazed how clean it was and how it didn't look like it had just come from the detail shop as they don't use crappy materials that only mask dirt. At first I was skeptical of the price quote, but after seeing and sitting in his work for a few months I can see that it's actually a steal as most of the time when I have had my car detailed a month later its dirty again. Not here, by removing the dirt from the carpet padding and seats there simply isn't any more dirt to seep into the car. What's more Mark was more than timely and professional by contacting me if there was even the slightest change in what he had originally thought. A few months later and the car still looks new. I will definitely take my car to Mark next time I need it detailed. Thanks Mark!


When Mark told me how much it would cost to detail my classic baby I thought it was too much. When I got the car back, I realized that it was my expectation and worth more than what I paid. My baby looks like new and she is so happy.


WOW!!! I had no idea my car could get as clean as it did. Mark and his detailers are magic!! My car has been used and abused and has 100,000 miles on it and now it looks like new thanks to Mark.


Details by Mark did an EXCELLENT job cleaning the cab of my pickup truck (which hasn't been done in probably ten years)! It looks amazing.

Michael Wehrli

Mark offers service as exceptional as the work he does. He goes far beyond the call of duty to take care of his customers and make sure we are not inconvenienced by his having our car. He does a superb job of making my car, which is ten years old, look brand new. Mark also stands behind his work. The reason is simple–he does the best job of any shop to which I've taken my car over the years. It's a joy to work with Mark.


We are so grateful for Mark's service! Our friend threw up in our car on New Year's Eve. We called numerous detailing shops…and Details by Mark was the only one that could GUARANTEE that the projectile smell would be removed without using harsh chemicals. Mark and his crew did a great job cleaning our car – it looks brand new, the smell is gone, and, surprisingly, the stick shift even runs smoother! We're really grateful for Mark's service and thorough cleaning! Not only do they do a great job, but they also are very friendly! We highly recommend Details by Mark!


great job and quick turnaround. i had surfboard wax melted in the mesh fabric in my back seat. you can't even tell where the stain was. i would send friends and family here for all your auto detailing needs.


I needed to sell my 2004 Subaru but knew that the interior might deter someone from buying it. After years of carrying two large, hairy dogs, there was dog hair embedded in the carpet, wedged into cracks, and even in the ceiling carpeting! The money I spent with Mark was the best investment I could have ever put into it to get it sold. The car came home looking and smelling wonderfully, with no evidence of the wear and tear that it has gone through in almost 100,000 miles of life. It looked so nice I almost reconsidered putting it up for sale! But, happily, the first person who came to look at it commented on how nice and clean it was and was thrilled to be able to buy a car with an interior that looked so nice. Thank you, Mark. Your service was courteous, prompt and professional and there is no place I would rather take my car to be detailed!

M McAllister

Mark has done two vehicles for me now. FANTASTIC work! I will be having my vehicles detailed by him from now on!


My 2000 Jeep was a mess and Mark made it immaculate. Even the coffee stains in my seat upholstery were removed. Mark is very detailed and provides prompt service. I was able to get my car in right away. I have returned for service and am extremely happy every time. The cost for service is very reasonable and the new car appearance makes the visit well worth it! Thanks for the great care.


I had my '07 Subaru Outback detaled in and out with Mark, and I was extremely pleased with the service, the ride home, and most of all the job. There were no less than 4 guys on my car for two days. I have a super hairy dog, and take the car up to Mt Hood all the time, and I got it back feeling and looking like brand new. I will recommend Mark highly and will be returning for his services whenever a true, solid detail is in order.

Eric Mayers

Mark is a serious detailer, he does a very thorough job and charges accordingly. I had different expectations for the work on each vehicle, and Mark discussed and understood my intentions before starting work, then made appropriate decisions (always leaning toward doing a better job) while he and his team did the work. He is happy to do light body work and touchup painting, and he's really good with carpets. All three vehicles turned out stunning. Both cars look just like new, inside and out. The van, which lives outside under some messy trees, is now the exact opposite of the eyesore it was before.

P. Pierce

‘Dash’, my 2004 SVT Focus, wishes to express his sincerest gratitude to Max and Mark for his two days at the Auto Spa. He would be writing this himself, but his tires tend to damage the keyboard. He has never looked better; and constantly admires his reflection at every plate glass window he passes. The treatment he received was divine, and loves how his ‘age spots’ just magically disappeared. He is looking forward to his next visit to the Auto Spa for another clay scrub and rub down. Until then, keep an eye out for a blur of shiny Sonic Blue has he dashes by . . .

Dash (B. Williams)

I drive a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo that has been used for hauling, camping and general utility. Now I'm driving clients around in it for real estate and you can't even tell how much abuse it has taken! It looks absolutely amazing! Thank you so much.


I am now the proud owner of a 1992 Tooyota MR2, thanks to Mark and his crew. My car looks absolutely amazing. Aside from a few small dings, due to age, it looks like a new car, and it turns peoples heads to be sure!! This shop has perfection as it's moto and goes the whole nine yards to restore their cars!!

Brooke Bryant

Ive had Mark detail my last 2 vehicles. Each time, I felt like I was getting into a new car right off the showroom floor. The times we live in require us to be a little more frugal. Why by a new car when the one you have, may just need a new shine and a good cleaning.

R Pace

As I told Mark, the vehicle looked better now than the day I bought it! Don't miss this opportunity. Prices can't stay at this level for long…

W. Hudson

We purchased a 1994 Volvo, and on close inspection realized it was too dirty for us to clean by ourselves. We had never used the services of a detailer, so we shopped around. We chose Details by Mark because he seemed knowledgable and sympathetic. Mark and his crew did a great job, the Volvo had to be stripped down to the metal and thoroughly cleaned; the interior panels of the cargo area had to all be replaced; the leather seats cleaned and seat covers installed; and Marc made small repairs and replaced burned out light bulbs. It looks beautiful, and feels great. A car, that last week I would not get into, is now a pleasure to drive.

betty d. and marc t.

We have a jet black 2005 Honda Odyssey Family Van that was starting to show the wear and tear of raising twins. Not to mention carpools of kids back and forth from gymnastics, soccer games, etc.. Having just picked up our van from Mark, it now looks like it just came off the showroom floor. Mark was able to do everything from the full interior detail to taking out a couple of door dings, and touched up both chip and scratch marks in the paint. Best of all he did a job with no funny cherry smelling products, or greasy armor all, or bits of over wax under the trim. This was a spotless job done RIGHT!! I plan to keep coming back.

Brad M.’s been 41/2 months since you detailed my car. I decided to wait to see how long the detail lasted…..until last week I didn’t feel a need to have it cleaned! The “detail” still looks great and all the nooks and cranies are still dust free….it just needs to be cleaned. I’ve never had a detail that looked so good for so long. Thanks, Mark. I’ll be bringing it in this week!

kathie m.

On Saturday night I got a phone call from a friend who had locked their keys in the car and they were taking home some drunks from a bar. Long story short I ended up with a very messy back seat. I left a message on marks site on Sunday morning and on Monday morning at 9 am he had called me back and explained how he could clean everything up better then new. I left the car with mark an hour later and he gave me a loaner car at no extra charge. I’m very impressed with the service that mark gave. My car smells and looks better then when I bought it.

Jasper W.

I have a 2001 Mazda Miata that I really like. Mark did an excellent job of cleaning up the carpeting and interiors of the car. The touch up paint job was good and all the scratches and rock chips were gone. The convertible top was scrubbed clean although some black marks remained. I am very pleased with little details such as replacing the windshield rubber, removing parking sticker remanants and fixing the paint on one of the panels. Mark was more expensive than the other detailers but worked over two days to make the car sparkle!


Mark turned a pretty awful situation (recovery of our stolen CRV) into something we could move forward on. His professionalism and thoroughness is much appreciated!

C Freitag

I drive a Mercedes Benz S500 that I love for its classic lines and great performance, but it had begun to show its age – and since the car is completely black, every nick, scratch or wear from the elements showed on the hood, roof, trunk and bumpers. When I dropped it off with Mark, I have to admit – I was skeptical about how much he could do with it, given all the wear and tear. I have fairly high standards, and am not given to hyperbole and exaggeration – but I have to say that I was absolutely amazed by the results of Mark’s work! I can count on one hand the number of times my hopes and expectations have been exceeded by someone’s work. This is one of them. I will definitely be back, and would enthusiastically recommend Mark to anyone looking to give new life to a car they love.

Steve S.

After bringing in the family van in August for a detail (and being thrilled with the results) we just brought in our Toyota Echo. The seats were stained, the dog had chewed the emergency break and seat belt clip, and the kids had ripped the seatback covers. When I picked up the car this week, it was spotless! Mark offered to sew the seat covers and he ordered a new seat belt clip, which turned out not to be expensive. Just like last time, we are thrilled with the results!

Kathy S.

A couple weeks ago I brought a road weary 2005 Honda Pilot to Details by Mark for a complete interior and exterior detail job. The Pilot has 240,000 miles and was very dirty on the inside fron tens of thousands of miles of travel on dirt roads. When I picked up the Pilot it looked just like the day aI drove it off the lot in 2005. An absolutely amazing transformation. A friend didn't believe it was the same car as he had seen the week before. He was skeptical until I showed him the 240,000 on the odometer. Thanks Mark, I will be back and so will my friends.


I was looking for good interior detail shop to fix my "ruined by my wife drinking coffee habits" interior. I knew it there will be a lot of to do because I tried to clean it myself but I only made it worse. I talked to Mark and from conversation on the phone I could say that this is what I was looking for (I spend long time doing research online about best auto shops out there). I drove in my car in the morning and it was done 8 hrs later – rushed by Mark. My thoughts: COMPLETELY NEW CAR. I couldn't recognize it. I felt like I bought it all over again. No stains from coffee, no smudges, no food between seats – car was brand new. I couldn't believe. My wife was surprised how job was well done. Since we have small baby my wife loved the fact that Mark used organic shampoo and what not to clean my car. My car didn't small on anything after he was done with it. Point that I am trying to make is that YOU HAVE TO go with Mark and his team. There is no other way if you want to have your car fixed the right way. Thx Mark, and I promise you you will see a lot of my friends coming to your shop also.

Zlatan Custovic – Zack

I called several different shops before deciding to take my 2004 Super Duty Crew Cab truck into Details by Mark. What had convinced me that he was the best choice was the fact that he took the time to explain exactly what he would do and why. Upon picking my truck up from his shop I was very impressed not only with the way it looked but with the attention to detail that it was given. If you care about your vehicle and you are looking for a quality detail then you should take it to Mark because he's the best.

Steven White

Mark has been keeping my 1992 GMC Conversion van looking new for 10 years. No matter what dirt road I find on trek I take he somehow brings it back to limousine quality. My friends love to take wine trips with us and feel extremely pampered, despite the 124,000 miles.

David Greene

I found Mark online, and am so happy that I did! I have a 1999 Mazda Miata convertable that did not fair too well through this last winder. The top started leaking, there was mold in the top and in the carpeting, it smelled, and was just a mess. I was heart broken (as it used to be my mom's – she has passed away 5 years ago- and she loved this car). So fortunately I found Mark and he completely restored the interior, had a new top put on the car, and it is back to mint condition! My mom would be so happy, and I am absolutely ecstatic with it – the quality of work Mark and his team does is phenomenal. I will recommend Mark's shop to everyone I know! Thank you Mark, and my mom thanks you too!

Alison S.

I found you by referral from Jake at Everett Street Auto in Portland, so I trusted his referral.You exceeded my expectations and restored my 1996 Toyota RAV 4 so beautifully. It was worth it and I'm happy I found you and your service. You're so friendly and delightful. I'll refer my friends. Thanks a million!


I just picked up our family's minivan, which hasn't been detailed in the 8 years we've owned it. We have 3 kids and a big dogt and the car was, well, disgusting! Mark assured me it would be "like new" and it was. I'm not even sure it was this clean when we bought it (used). Also, the crayon writing was gone, the raisins stuck to the rails and the dog hair stuffed between the seat and the emergency break, all gone! My husband, who was a bit hesitant to spend the money, was completely surprised it got this clean. The ONLY problem is that now I don't want the kids or dog in the car. That can't last for too long!

Kathy S.

The family mini-van had finally had enough abuse from our kids, so I called Mark when my wife was out of town, hoping to surprise her with a clean car when she came home. I didn't know whether anyone could accommodate the short notice of my call, but Mark was more than helpful and got the job done prior to her arrival back into town. Not only did he get to it, but he gave me back what looked like a brand new interior. Mark was helpful, up-front and the car was done when he said it would be. It looks like it did when we bought it! I would recommend Details by Mark to anyone who needs a deep, thorough cleaning of their vehicles interior.

Justin Habel

I brought Mark an '85 MB Turbo Diesel I found that was good as gold under the hood but looked like an old beater on the outside. The car had been in the California Sun for 20 years, with hard LA water and bird droppings doing their best to ruin the paint. The paint was completely oxidized and I was sure the only way I would have a nice looking car was to shell out thousands for a a good paint job. Everyplace I took it to said it needed body work and paint in excess of $4K. The good folks at MBI recommended I let Mark take a look at it and I'm so glad I did! Mark had the car for 2 weeks, and it looks like I had it painted! It went from dull and oxidized with dents here and there to smooth and shiny like a new car! He painstakingly revived the paint underneath all that damage, polished all my old chrome, removed dents, and gave love and attention to even the tiniest piece of trim on the car. Now people sure do notice! I get compliments and offers to buy almost everyday. People ask where I got it painted and they don't believe that it is the original paint. I will bring all my vehicles and motorcycles to Mark as long as I am in the Northwest. His exceptional quality of work and customer service set him apart from the rest. He has the best detail shop Portland has to offer. Thanks Mark!

Jessica Ward

Mark has detailed my 2008 Subaru. Excellent work, removed all dents and detailed the car to look brand new. I would refer anyone to mark


Fortunately Mark was in his zone when I brought him my newly-purchased rare '92 968 Porshe. This car had been spending the last few years under the trees in a Portland suburb. Despite low mileage, it had significant body wear, dings and dents, needed repairs, and a definite need for some loving care. Mark and his team rose to the challenge and turned my 'old' car into a show piece. His shop ios the only place in the NW that I would take my prized posessions.

Gary Feldbau

I have a 2005 Porsche Boxster S and live in Troutdale. Over the last few years the hard well water had ruined the shine and overall look of my car, it had become frosty with no depth in the finish. I recently planned an outing with PCA to attend the Baxster Historic Races. I wanted my car to present well in the club event since I had not previously attended one. When I spoke to Mark he came across as a no comprimise kind of guy. he indicated if he couldn't do it the right way he would decline the business. When I picked up my car I was amazed at how perfect it was. While Porsche has some pretty high standards the car didn't look this good when I took delivery of it 4 years ago. Anyone that has a vehicle of any make they really care about must meet Mark and allow him to give them a new outlook how how great your car can actually look. If the emotion you once had for your car has faded Mark will give it back to you. I tip my hat to you and your crew for a very fine job. We will be doing more business in the future. Thansk again

Lloyd Weisz

Hey Mark, Andrew Grether here, just thought I would share with you the method for clearing the airbag (SRS) light on Many late model Honda/Acura vehicles. I know you mentioned to me you have to have a guy come in and do it for you, now you can do it yourself. Here is a webpage with the info on how to go about it, very simple: Hope that helps out.

Andrew Grether

I took my Subaru WRX in to Mark's shop in pretty bad shape. My car hadn't been waxed in four years, had loads of caked on salt, and the interior was covered in dog hair. When I picked my car up, I could hardly believe it was the same car. Mark even cleaned my engine and I wasn't expecting that. Mark's superior work on my car helped me sell the car faster than I expected. Thanks Mark for the great service.


I have a 1970 Mustang that I have had since 1975. I recently had the car painted with less than desirable. The paint has scratches and orange peel and just did not look good. I did not expect Mark would be able to restore the paint to the condition they did. It was like a different paint job. The color jumped out. The scratches and orange peel was gone. That weekend the car won best in class at a car show. Marks attention to detail is exceptional.


If you would like your car professionally done, this is the place to go. Oh you can get it cheaper but that's what you get, cheap! Mark did a full detail of my (Black MR2Spyder) 2003 and I must say after 6 years it once again looks like a brand new car. Paint and interior. Thanks Mark for the professionalism I was looking for. I'll be back, Larry Lamb.

Larry Lamb

Our dear dog recently passed away leaving 5 years of well traveled dog hair completely covering the rear of our 2004 Mercedes station wagon. We have said for years that we need to have the car detailed, but since our dog was reaching the upper limits of her life span, we decided to wait until she passed. There was enough dog hair in that car to make 7 dog hair coats! In every nook and cranny was dog hair literally woven into the fabric! Not to mention years of spilled milk shakes, tea and various bits of food that we thought were lost forever. Every bit of this mess was meticulously cleaned, sparkling clean! Car looks brand new! When Mark says "details" he means it. Will never let anyone else detail our car. Best customer service I've come across in Portland. Thank you so much, I know this was NOT an easy job.

Sarah C. 6/2009

In March 2009 we started noticing an awful smell in our Lexus Rx 330 (2004). When we opened the hood we found extensive mouse droppings all over the exterior of the engine. We thought "this is not good!". We took our car to the dealership who found and removed cat food from around the A/C box. Mice had been collecting and storing food in our engine. The dealship then told us to just spray some orange spray in the vent intake until the smell was gone. Well, this was not good enough for us as the smell was still very present, to the point that our kids (ages 3 and 4) were commenting on how bad it was to be in the car. We had used Mark for a smaller detail job before and was impressed by his service and attention to detail, so we gave him a call. We are SO GLAD we did!! After 2 months and the removal of 8-10 pounds (yes, pounds!!) of cat food, snack food, debris and mouse droppings our car is SMELL FREE!! Mark and his crew were persistent and determined to eradicate the problem smell and they did. It took long hours and a lot of detective work and Mark was in constant contact with me (and the insurance company) about the status of the car. Anytime I called I ALWAYS got Mark on the phone(and this was over a period of 2 months!). Their add says that they "are not your average detail shop" and that is SO RIGHT ON. I would HIGHLY recommend DBM.

Dana and Peter Kwong, 6/2009

After over 100K and six years of grime I decided to get my 2002 Prius detailed. After visiting this website and requesting price quotes I was quite surprized at the price. Much lower than I would have estimated myself! Mark and I struck a deal that very day for a total detail and again a surprize. He was able to work me in in just a couple of days. The turn time on the auto was fast (overnight, another surprize)and Mark and his crew did nothing short of an excellent job. I feel like the car is new again. Mark was great to work with and as honest as can be. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Now my wife wants to bring her car in! Do yourself a favor and visit with Mark. Quality, just quality.

Frank L. Burns

Mark has detailed two classic Bentley motorcars for me – all I can say is WOW! Every dollar I spend returns five-fold in an improvement in value to the car!

George Giese

Mark and his crew did a wonderful job on my 2002 BMW and exceeded all my expectations with great customer service and first class work. I will be coming here for many years to come. Thanks Mark!


What's interesting is that this has never been done before; I have known and worked with Mark closely for almost fifeteen years. We have developed a crew that is designed to feel like a family and work as a team. We treat your vehicle as if one of us just bought it and want it to be the best it can be with what we know we can do! I know that is why we have almost no place to park our customer's cars because we are so busy; but we do what we say we are going to do; and then some! To have Mark as a mentor, and a friend as well as a boss is priceless; Thank god for the internet! Personally, I would never take my vehicle to any other shop in town.

Grateful in hard times for security for the right reasons!

I took my '78 Fiat Spider to Mark to be detailed inside and out. I have to admit I was skeptical about the success of bringing the dead navy blue paint back to life. My gawd! When I drove up to see my car, I actually cried! It was beautiful! The paint had been returned to its original lustre (custom paint job 20 years ago, not original paint) and absolutely glistened! Mark did a wonderful job. He is truly devoted to detail. Oh, the reason for my tears was I had it detailed in order to sell it, and seeing it as beautiful as the day I bought it made me realize how much I love the car!! (But it is still for sale! If you want a beautiful sports car, see Mark; he has the info!)

Deb, 5/09

We thought we had babied our 2000 BMW M Roadster. Wow, were we wrong! Mark and his staff made our car look brand new! Thanks, Mark!

David and Kelly

I am very pleased and impressed with the work Mark and his staff did on my 2005 Chev p/u. The previous owner must have worked on a farm. There were large deep stains on the carpet and the cab and seats were very dusty and dirty.As Mark said " it was a dirty bird". I would highly recommend DBM.

J. Currin 5/2009

My Acura RL suffered many micro scratches on both sides of the body from front to back after a carwash ….it looked like someone took a metal brush and gave it a vicious wipe. I was concerned that I would have to repaint the car. After finding Mark on the internet, I paid a visit. Mark was surprised to see the extent of the damage…and proceeded to explain to me the technical process that he would have to use to get the scratches out. He only needed a day to get the work done…and it looks great. You cannot tell the car had those scratches. He even "improved" the finish of a year old accident repair on the door. The price was high, but the results are worth every penney. I highly recommend Mark.

C. Shimojima

I took my 2006 Subaru Impreza Wrx STi to Mark on April 27 and was a liitle worried that the hundreeds of pitch spots I had covering my entire vehicle would come off. Boy, did I worry for nothing! I picked up my car the folling night and was amazzed! Everything was absolute perfection! Nothing went untouched. 12 hours later, im still in shock on how good my car looks, its better than this car looked in the showroom the day I bought it. With out a doubt a 5 star shop! I would like to thank Mike and his whole crew on their professionalism. It was a great experienxe —Thanks Mark!

chris fridley

After having a new top put on my 91 geo metro convertable I took it to Marks place and had him do a detail job. When Mark says details he means details. I didn't even recognize my own car.It looked like a new car. I was so pleased with the work I took my 85 VW Vanagan in and again it was detailed to perfection, it looked like it did the day I bought it new! Again I was so pleased I took my 96 Miata in and Mark and his crew did there magic and it also looked like a new car again. I highly recommend Mark's work to anyone. Especially if you think its so bad it needs new paint give Mark a try first. Thanks Mark and crew!!!

Ray Kelley

If you want to take your car where not only the owner, but ALL the staff as well, care about the qualilty of work they do, take it to Details By Mark. My son had a cough from bad odors and mildew smells in our 2002 Focus. Mark and all his staff worked extremely hard and succeeded in ridding the car of all its odors. The car now looks and SMELLS like new. Thank you, Mark!


What a good experience, not only did my "dogmobile"look better than I could imagine. It was done on time & at the quoted price.


my minivan was covered in cherrios and smelled of sour milk. Mark brought it back to new. Thank you!


Mark did a fabulous job cleaning up a nasty spill. The car was returned in near new condition and the smell was completely gone. Mark also worked closely with the insurance company and payment was made without any issues. I would highly recommend Mark to others.


WOW! Mark did an amazing cleanup job on our 97 toyota camry that was used by each of our teenage daughters to get them back and forth to high school/college. Sadly, they all treated the car like a catch all, trash pit and the car really looked bad! Now, it has been rejuvinated, restored to it's original condition and it looks better than it has since my husband drove it nine years ago! Thanks so much for the great work, honest service and fair price.

Marie Blacklidge

Mark is one of those rare businessmen who truly care about their customer and the quality and value of their product. I first went to Mark a few months ago after buying a Lexus online and having it shipped from Chicago. It arrived in much worse condition, inside and out, than the seller had represented. I went to Mark and he spent 20-30 minutes with me showing me that the car had sustained numerous exterior "events" and had been repaired shoddily. He helped me find a great auto-body repair shop and I had extensive repair work done (great recommendation). Once that was done, we returned to Mark to help protect our investment on the outside, and to turn the inside back into brand new condition. What a beautiful job he and his crew did! It is stunning how brand new the car looks (5 year-old car with lots of hard wear before we bought it … apparently). Even the engine compartment looks absolutely new … you know that feeling you have in the showroom when the salesman lifts the hood and you look at a brand new engine? Lastly, I love that Mark has a "maintenance" program for keeping your car in tip-top shape. He costs more on the first visit than many others (worth it), but once you factor in the value you get from his maintenance program, it is no comparison.

Kent Grether

Mark and his crew did a fantastic job on my '98 volvo wagon. It was full of 3 years worth of kid food and filth 😉 Mark was so friendly and his work was amazing (and reasonable rates). He even gave my toddler and me a ride back to our house after dropping off the car. What service! My car is literally cleaner than when I bought it 4 years ago! I HIGHLY recommend! Thanks!

Margie Pettit

I took my brand new truck to DBM to get a good initial wax and protect the paint. He was very helpful in answering all the questions and concerns I had about the procedure and I was confident he had done it right. A year later my paint is still shining and I have an appointment to have my vehicle serviced again at DBM. Mark demonstrates attention to detail and commitment to excellence that I trust with my vehicle.

Aaron Keup

I knew I had to do something about my 1999 VW Cabrio when my friends wouldn’t ride in it anymore. The mildew and mold issue was out-of-control. The smell was so bad, I rolled the windows down when I drove it. These issues partly had to do with a mishap at the carwash last summer, but mostly was caused by my convertible top being out of alignment and leaves clogging up the drains.

The outside of the top was in even worse shape. Unfortunately, I do not have covered parking and I have to park it where I live under a tree. My white top was dingy and gross from the algae that grew on it. My poor car needed some TLC, bad.

Thankfully, I was smart enough to take my car to Details by Mark. My car now looks brand new! Everything looked as clean as it was when I bought it! The rotten smell was totally gone and the top was spotless. They washed and polished the body of the car so well, I thought they had repainted it!

Mark not only made sure to make my car spotless, but he fixed the alignment of my convertible top and fixed the front seats so they could be adjusted easier. Thanks for the excellent service, Mark! I’ve been telling all my friends about you and I will definitely be back!

Neva Cavataio

I have been using marks service on my two mercedes & mazda miata for years after using other detailers. I liked his work so well I even had him do my old 97 ford f150 to as new standards. worth every penny!

Denny Taylor

After my toddler spilled a full yogurt drink in the back of my car, Mark and his team pulled up the carpet to make sure it had not soaked through to the padding and cleaned everything brilliantly. The car looks and smells like it did when I bought it 5 years ago.


Mark did an incredible job on a 2003 Toyota Corolla I had inherited from my father-in-law. He had smoked a pipe his whole life, and when 10 years ago we convinced him to stop smoking in his apartment he started smoking in his car in the winter. Needles to say it was NASTY! Mark said it was by far the worst smoke damage he had ever seen. I told him to just do his best and that I wasn't expecting miracles. He responded that he delivers miracles and he was right. He really went the extra mile, and I could tell he would have taken it as a personal failure if it had gone out of his shop not looking 100%. Now it looks AND smells like a new car. He really did deliver a miracle!

Paul Wiegardt

I am very impressed with the work Mark and his crew preformed!!! The shop is extremely professional and helpful. He went above and beyond what he had promised. Having a service attitude of “nothing less than perfection,†sets Details By Mark apart from all others companies.


Mark, I was so totally thrilled when I left your shop this morning in my sparkling car that I drove to Everett Street Autoworks to show my mechanic what a fabulous job you did. He saw my car just a few days ago and the contrast between before and after is really remarkable. I then had coffee with a friend and showed him my car and he needs to have his detailed as well so he will likely give you a call.

Gigi Estabrook Dec '08

My Christmas present to myself was to have my husband's Volvo detailed. It looks like a BRAND NEW CAR inside and outside. Mark and his crew did an AWESOME job and now I don't have to clean his car myself. I may have to switch cars with him for awhile. Thanks for the beautiful work!

Molly Morgan

Mark, Just want to tell you how much I appreciate the job you did on my Expedition. It looks fantastic. We'll do it again down the road.

Wes Grant

Long story short, I was on my way home with 3 gallons of paint in the back of the 1990 Volvo. I went around a curve, heard a movement shift in the paint cans and immediately began to fantasize what it would be like if the lid ever came off one of those cans. Coming to a light near Mt. Tabor, ahead of the down of Stark St., I glanced back and saw that my nightmarish fantasy was TRUE. Desperation, unending prayers, pleas for help followed. Finally, I was recommended to Details by Mark. I don't know if it was his quick response of "bring it right in" or the "we'll take care of you, sweetheart" but I was instantly given the hope I needed for the desperate adventure I was forced into. Mark himself began suctioning the paint after backing the car into his busy facility. When the other workers came to stopping places in their detailing, they also worked to get out paint from the side panel, the side speaker, the seats, and carpet. They removed bolts, trim, seats anything in the way of doing a thorough job. While they worked for over an hour without stopping, one of the workers quipped away until I was laughing again. They continued the next day. In the end, my Volvo looked better than ever and the insurance company was as delighted as I was. I highly recommend Details by Mark.

Marybeth Longbine Nov 4th '08

I brought my 2002 MINI to Details by Mark for a thorough clean-up before winter. It was stunning what Mark and his team did. I have been to other detailers around Portland since purchasing the car. Driving away was like leaving the MINI dealership; it looked new! And importantly (and why I waited almost 2 months) the quality of the exterior finish is durable. The rains have come and my car maintains its shine easily (whenever the sun comes out). I would recommend DBM to anyone who appreciates their car and maintaining its like-new appearance.


Words cannot express our amazement at your transformation of our little yellow Miata. When you drove it out of the shop it shone like a brand new penny (we were sure it was the wrong car)! Your work is amazing and your customer service superb. We'll definitely be back to see you again soon! Thanks so much!!!!

Randy & Robyn

Just wanted to say thank you to Mark at Details by Mark. Our recent purchase of a 2001 Lexus SUV was exciting but it needed some finishing touches. The previous owner had children and you know that children eat in the car. The carpets (a light beige) had food and drink stains. We thought the carpets would have to be replaced,that was before we met Mark,Mark performed miracles and the carpet and mats look like new. He also saw other details that needed attention, he repainted the running boards, fixed a missing part on the windshield unit. The wax job made it shine like a new penny. We are so happy that we found Details by Mark. We will be back.

Paul & Irene Sept 2008

I just purchased a 2005 4Runner limited. I was very pleased with the price I got for the vehicle. However, being somewhat of a perfectionist (probably not very unusual for Mark's clients) I hated the fact the dash and much of the exterior paint was scratched or dinged. Not anymore. Mark worked magic on the dash and it looks new (memo to self-don't let the kids put their cleats on the dash). The exterior paint was so well polished it doubled as a mirror. In fact, the true color of the vehicle shone through and it looked even better than the "other" beat up version's color. A big thanks to Mark and his crew!

Todd E.

My husband and I hadn't had our 2006 Lexus cleaned for an entire year and It was filthy. I was thrilled when I picked it up after a couple of days at Mark's and it looked like new again.He did such a good job and even got our puppy's muddy stains out of the leather seats. Thank you Mark!


My wife and I finally got a "family car" to haul our two kids (2&4), and decided to detail our '01 Maxima so we could use it as the "grown-up car." I don't think it had had a thorough cleaning since our oldest was born, almost 5 years ago, and it showed the abuse only young kids can give. Mark did an amazing job getting it back into shape. Now not only can we fit passengers in the car (no more car seats!! Yay!!), but we're not embarrassed when they get in. And the exterior shines like it did when I bought it. Thanks, Mark. Great job!

Greg B.

My wife and I bought our used 2000 Suburu from a family of five -an incredibly messy family of five. Well, at the price it was a steal, but the interior upholstry was covered in a colorfully festive display of stains and smudges. In addition, from time to time there was a terrible odor of poo, the source of which we could never locate. I was skeptical when my wife said she was going to have the car detailed to remove the multitude of stains. She brought it into Mark's place, and boy am I glad she did. After the car was returned we were beside our selves with the results. Not only did the car's interior look to be fresh off the showroom floor, but the curious, ghost fart smell was gone – without the lingering scent of perfumes or air fresheners. Thanks Mark!!! We will be sure to send all our friends your way.

michael and sandra

My dog got skunked in the woods then jumped in the truck and rubbed herself all over the seats. The interior was ruined. I drove to Mark's wearing a respirator. It was that bad. From the moment Mark answered the phone I knew he was the one to take care of my truck. From his description of the detailing process to helping me file my claim, he was attentive and personable. To call Mark a perfectionist is an understatement, and it's exactly the personality trait you want a man in the detail business to have. Mark really took care of me.


My Sentra's finish had been subject to years of bleaching by the sun, staining from leaves dropped by trees it was parked under, mold and grime in hidden spots and dirt from daily errands. I took it into Mark and was at first taken aback by the quote and had to think about it. I kept coming back and talked to him over the next couple of weeks and began to understand what he had to go through to restore the vehicle. When I got it back, not only did he do the superb job he promised, but did it on time and for the price quoted. The car shone and smelled like a new car. It showed that that Mark put a great deal of work and care into it. No harsh chemical smells, just good smells from deep cleaning with safe products. Everything about the car: paint, carpet, engine compartment, passenger compartment, trunk and door seals, wheels, everything gleamed. Thank you Mark. You are a perfectionist in the best sense of the word!


Prepare to be blown away. The level of detail and perfection that Mark puts into his work is unmatched and flawless. Mark was able to remove obscenely invasive spots left on our Audi from the trees in our area. He performed miracle work. In addition to the incredible work done on the car, Mark provided great customer service. He stuck to his original quote even though we're sure it took him much longer to get our car to the condition he felt comfortable with. He is a perfectionist and god bless him for that.

Adam and Kristi

I brought a Toyota Celica which I had owned for 15years in for a pre sale detailing. Mark and I discussed which areas would be most noticeable to prospective buyers. What a terrific job. I could hardly stand to sell the car after he finished! The first person who looked at the car bought it.


Our beautiful Lexus had gone to the dogs, literally. Pristine cream colored leather was gutter dog brown for so long, we'd forgotten the original color. Mark honored his original estimate of 4 hours, DESPITE it taking 12 hours to return it to its original ondition. As Mark gave me the keys, he saw a minuscule area of haze, pulled out the corner of his shirt and removed microscopically small marks. He's amazing. As sensitive to customer feelings as he is to quality service, Mark's business runs on integrity and impeccability. We gifted our kids with the car…Now that it's beautiful again, I almost wish we were keeping it. Mark, you and your crew are extraordinary.

Michael and Cynthia

My Miata was a complete mess due to shoddy work done by another shop. I took the car to Mark's, and was amazed by the thoroughness and skill of the work he and his crew did. In every way Mark was simply splendid. His diagnostic was full and accurate from top to bottom. His prices were fair and always above board; in addition he did his best to call the previous shop's attention to its sub-standard work on the car. Finally, I appreciated Mark's personal attention to my car from start to finish. Details by Mark is the epitome of what a small independent business should be. I recommend him and his shop to anyone who requires excellent craftsmanship by an owner and staff who all care passionately and completely about their work and your car.

john callahan

WOWZA! Unbelievable transformation of my 1973 Mercedes 220D with original paint and interior. I went for the "Full Meal Deal" and Mark sourced some NLA trim pieces and installed. The car looks new and actually seems to drive better…

Old McDonald

I brought my creaky 1992 Honda Accord wagon to Mark in preparation for selling it, and he and his team did an amazing job. In fact, it looked so good that within 24 hours of posting it for sale, it was long gone. Great work, guys!


My 2000 Nissan Maxima runs well, but after 8 years of wear and tear, she was looking and feeling kind of old. I hated the idea of getting rid of her just because of her age and that is where DETAILS BY MARK came in. Mark was amazing! He communicated exactly what I should expect and all the options I had regarding detailing inside and outside of the vehicle. He did exactly what he said he would, did it in a reasonable amount of time and exceeded my expectations. I look forward to another few years LOVING my car!


Our poor 1990 BMW's paint was "Brilliant Red" when new, but after 18 years of NW weather, "Nestle's Strawberry Quik" was more descriptive. Mark's team changed that; they somehow rolled back the clock and made the red brilliant again. The trim and the wheels gleam now, making the exterior look a "total package".

Marinus D.

I brought in my 1999 Saab to Mark. After I talked to him about what he was going to do with the car, he explained things very detail giving me assurance that my car is in the right hand. However, I was still pretty skeptical whether the price I paid will be worth it. When it's time to pick up my car, I was amazed to see my black Saab is like new again, the color just jumped back at you and all the little scratches are gone. It was definitely worth the money I paid. I was so happy with the result, I am bringing my other car to be detailed soon.


Mark made our 2004 Prius, with over 60,ooo miles, look like new. Whenever we have the opportunity we recommend "Details by Mark" for any vehicle appearance services.

Jim and Liz, Hawthorne Auto Clinic

Personal service at it's best. After my first phone call with Mark I new I wanted to trust my car with him. I had my '99 Sienna detailed in oder to sell. He and his team took years off it and I felt good about asking top dollar for it… which I got, primarily because it looked excellent! I got a great return on my investment. Mark definitely walks his talk!


Every inch of our 1994 Mercedes is polished and gleaming–in spite of all the abuse we have given it over the years. Mark really is a master of details. Beautiful work – thank you!


I am discriminating to a fault and I don't trust my cars to "just anyone." It says a lot that I trust Mark and the employees at Details by Mark. Mark doesn't just go through the motions of detailing an automobile. He takes pride in his work and it shows every time I pick up an automobile that has been left in his care. If you want your car done right, take it to Details by Mark.


I drive a 1991’ Honda Civic Hatchback with 170,000 miles on it. –Not a particularly flashy car, but I love it and maintain it like it was a Porsche. I always thought the car looked pretty good –until I took it to these guys! My car looked like it had just rolled off the show room floor when they where done with it. They had it for over a day and literally took the thing apart to detail it. On my way home from the shop I had a guy yelling at me from a bus stop. –When I rolled down the window to see what he wanted, he stated that he had never seen a car this old look this clean + wanted to know if I would consider selling it. These guys aren’t cheap, but when it comes to the quality of the work they do –the guy at the bus stop says it all.


Mark met my expectations. My car was delivered on the day promised looking in “showroom†condition. On my way home I stopped at my local gas station, the attendant thought it was new car, with 21,000 miles on the odometer. I would recommend Mark’s work to anyone. Thank you, Paul.


I brought my 2006 Porsche Cayman S by Mark's shop to discuss some paint finish repair needs and detail work. It was clear to me after discussing my problem with Mark that he was a consumate professional with a passion for detail. I knew right away that his shop was the right choice and he instilled conficence that he would take good care of my car. A portion of the clear bra was replaced, a scratch diminished and a great machine wax polish was done. The car turned our show room beatiful and I would not hesitate to recommend Mark. I will continue to use his service to wax and detail my Porsche.


Mark restored my 1900 Volvo beyound my imagination. His attention to detail was impressive and a statement to his commitment and professional approach to satisfying customer's wishes. I can recommend his service without reservations. Call if you have questions 971 235 4744.


We brought our 1998 Honda Civic to Mark for a full detailing. He did an outstanding job. The car turned out to be a MUCH bigger job than anyone expected, due to all the kids we've had in the car over the years, but Mark really went the extra mile to totally take care of all the stains, spills and smells. Now it's like new. Thanks, Mark, you really earned our loyalty!


Gave Mark my 2003 Forester XS to work on. It had passenger window smashed with glass EVERYWHERE in interior. Mark took the car though full interior detail and completely got rid of all glass and glass dust. The interior looks literally brand new. Thanks for being so meticulous Mark!!

Tom B.

Brought a 1992 BMW 318ic in, had the Full Detail done. Mind you, this car probably has not had a detail EVER; WOW! Not a spot left untouched, the paint looked beautiful (flat and dull before), the interior looked as new as a BMW on Rasmussen's showroom floor. The vehicle looked fantastic. He didn't leave out anything, put me on a detail schedule so that this car will be a stunner. I take it in once a month now for her beauty treatment. Thanks!!


Took my 2002 Focus Wagon in for a full detail, received it back the next day and it looked PERFECT. Have owned the car since new and, with 165,000 miles on her, she looks flawless. Will be back in three months for her Spring Fluff and Buff! I’ve already sent my friend and his truck to DBM, and he’s sold, too. Thank you, Mark


Mark has that tenacity and leadership that never lets one thing slide when it comes to the quality of my auto details. There is nobody in Portland as good as Mark.

Charles Montgomery NWeSource

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