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Company Car Auto Detail Services

The value of professionalism and company vehicles


Company car auto detailing is a smart choice every time. Who wants to do business with someone that shows up to a meeting in a beat up ride?

Here are some things to think about if you would like your company car to look as professional as it can.

What is a company car auto detail?

Think of this type of detail as a way to invest in the future.

  • A professional look impresses clients that see your car
  • Employees are motivated to perform at a high level when driving nice, clean vehicles
  • Details to repair damage may be required according to industry standards


Some drivers think of automotive detailing as a luxury they do not need. However, a company car should always be in tip top shape, which means auto detailing for company cars should be a priority, not a luxury.

What makes a company car auto detail different from a regular detail?

The actual quality and effort from your auto detail professional is the same for both. The difference comes down to what type of detail package you pay for.

  • Company car detailing should include all necessary services at once, rather than picking and choosing certain services as you can afford them out of your own pocket
  • Depending on the policy at your company, you should be able to call the cost an expense rather than pay for it out of your own pocket
  • Make sure to get a company car detailed if one employee has used that car for a long period of time before handing the keys over to the next driver

Is it possible to get several company car auto details at a time?

Sure. If you have multiple company cars that are driven by executives, sales staff or other professionals, it is a smart choice to have those cars detailed on a regular basis.

If a company car has major damage, can insurance cover the cost of a detail?

This comes down to each specific case. If the company car has full insurance coverage, auto exterior detailing might be billed to the insurance company following a collision. If mold removal or other auto interior detailing is needed, that might also be covered by insurance.

For answers to more specific questions about cost and insurance coverage, get in touch with the company car auto detail professionals at Details By Mark!

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