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The DIY Auto Detail Guide

4 Tips for DIY Auto Detailing


Do-it-yourself car care, or doing a DIY auto detail, is a great way to show your car some love. A professional auto detail service can bring out the best, but going in for details every week may not fit in your budget.

Details By Mark is happy to help you keep your vehicle looking its best, so check out these tips on how to take pride in your ride.

DIY auto detail tip #1: Exterior visuals

No one wants to show up for a business meeting or a first date in a car that looks all beat up. Here are some cost-effective ways to keep the outside of your ride looking excellent:

  • Polish your wheels every few weeks
  • When seasons change, wax your hood, doors and other visible surfaces
  • Immediately hose off any mud you see
  • Use soap and water in the driveway instead of a drive-through car wash


DIY auto detail tip #2: Interior visuals

With the outside of your ride looking its best, you will want the inside to match. Make sure you regularly:

  • Use glass wipes on the windows and windshield
  • Wipe down the dash, center console and door handles
  • Apply leather polish or upholstery cleaners to any spills or stains


It is a good idea to keep basic cleaning supplies in your glove box or back seat to quickly clean up spills.

DIY auto detail tip #3: Interior scents

Many drivers hang an air freshener from their rear view mirror. If this is a distraction for you, find a freshener you can keep in the center console or a cup holder instead. You should also:

  • Vacuum the seats and floor on a regular basis
  • Spray an aerosol freshener after infants or pets are in the car
  • Immediately apply a dry rag and cleaning solution to spills
  • Clear out food waste to avoid a rotten smell or attracting bugs


DIY auto detail tip #4: In case of emergency

Of course, even with all that hard work, you may end up running into an animal on the road. A passenger might spill coffee all over your fresh, clean interior that you are not able to clean up with products at home.

If you want professional help, get in touch with the Portland auto detail experts at Details By Mark to set up an appointment as soon as possible!

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