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Details By Mark Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why automotive detailing as opposed to just washing my car?

A. Detailing does more than merely clean your car. It preserves or, as the case may be, restores its original beauty through thorough, professional processes involving bug, tar, sap, lime removal, tire and rim treatment, interior leather and vinyl conditioning, carpet and headliner shampooing, dent removal, waxing and applied protectants that keep your car’s paint job looking ”just-off-the-production-line” fresh. Moreover, regular detailing extends the life of your car and actually adds to its value. Car detailing is extremely effective in cases where cars sit outside, subject to the cruelties of the environment, such as sand, sleet, snow, pollen, bird droppings and more — all entities that can erode a vehicle’s good looks by wearing through its protective clear coat and eventually consuming the layers of paint. Automotive detailing is car care taken to the max–and you don’t have to be wealthy or drive the most expensive car to take advantage of these services. Auto detailing is for anyone who wants to get the most out of their vehicles, and keep it looking great for its expected lifetime and beyond. We often detail cars right before sale, but then the owners don’t even want to part with them… fall in love again!

Q. How often should I wash my car?

A. Due to the outdoor environment, we recommend that a thorough hand wash be done once a week.

Q. How often should I wax my car?

A. We recommend that you wax your car every 1 1/2 to 2 months.

Q. How often should I clean and condition my leather interior?

A. To keep your interior in showroom condition, we recommend cleaning and conditioning a minimum of 4 to 5 times per year, due to sunlight, outdoor elements and the general abuse it suffers from your getting in and out of the car every day.

Q. Can scratches be removed from my paint job without my vehicle having to be repainted?

1) Light surface scratches can be removed by compounding the surface of affected area.
2) If scratches have gone completely through clear coat, then the vehicle will have to be repainted.

Q. Are bird droppings bad for my car’s paint?

A. Yes, Bird droppings, over time, or depending on the color of your vehicle, will eat its way through the clear coat, possibly causing permanent damage to the finish of your vehicle.

Q. How often should I detail my car?

A. We recommend that your vehicle be detailed at least three times per year, due to the harsh outdoor elements

Q. How do I prepare my car for a detailing?

A. If you know you’re coming in for an appointment, try to clean out as much of your belongings as possible. If some items are left in the vehicle (except for glove box contents) our staff will pack up everything and put it in the trunk after your vehicle has been cleaned. We at Details By Mark, try to make it as convenient as possible for our valued customers.

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    Automotive partnersWe refer our clients to Details by Mark because of the excellent quality work conducted in a timely manner. Details by Mark provides a great service to our clients.

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    We are not your average auto detail shop.

    We work to restore autos to their original condition.

    Most detail shops use chemicals that damage your vehicle.

    We use effective products that don't hurt you, your vehicle, or the environment.

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