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Interior Mold Protection Ideas for your Car

Save money and protect your health with vehicle mold inspections


Interior mold lease a vehicle with a stench. Mold is an unsafe fungal growth that can lead to adverse health effects if it is allowed to grow unchecked.

Details By Mark wants to protect its customers from mold growth. If you suspect that mold might be growing in your vehicle interior, visit us right away for a full auto detail.

How will I notice interior mold?

Mold leaves a sour milk like stench in most vehicles. If you drive a vehicle where spills are common, such as a minivan with children or a work truck where lunch is regularly eaten on brakes, be diligent about keeping the vehicle clean.

Vehicle interior mold can grow in just a few days or within a few weeks of unnoticed debris getting left in the carpet, seats or other surfaces. Killing mold before it becomes toxic is important, and it is possible to restore some interior surfaces no matter how severe the mold growth has become.

Will interior mold cause my vehicle to be condemned?

In most cases, no. Properties that are condemned due to the presence of mold are usually considered unsafe because of months of growth. You should notice the sight or smell of mold long before this happens.

If you are driving a work truck or large passenger vehicle, you may have to report interior mold. When driving your own car, you can take steps to simply remove the mold on your own or visit a professional.

How can I protect my vehicle against interior mold?

The best solution is to check for mold every now and again. If you see mold spots, quickly apply bleach or distilled vinegar to the affected area. If you spot mold on leather or other smooth surfaces, using wipes soaked in solution can help.

You should also vacuum your carpets on a regular basis so that mold will not have any chance to grow. Water dripping through a leak can also cause mold growths, so check for leaks and fill them right away around your windows, sunroofs, windshield or other openings.

If you have parked the car for several months and mold has grown in it, professional automotive detailing is the best solution. Details By Mark may be able to remove mold after months of keeping the vehicle parked. Contact our interior mold removal professionals and schedule an appointment as soon as you notice mold.

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