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The Details About Auto Restoration

We work on all types of collector cars. Our extensive knowledge of automotive history and our love for vintage cars guarantees a thorough, prudent, and accurate restoration of your automobile. We coordinate the entire project, utilizing only the best resources. Let us take care of your car needs.

  • – interior cleaning
  • – mold and mildew
  • – water damage
  • – exterior polishing
  • – body and paint
  • – paintless dent removal
  • – touch-up paint
  • – upholstery
  • – windshield and glass
  • – replacement
  • – window tinting
  • – electrical
  • – sunroof repair
  • – replacement of any
  • – factory parts
  • – accessories

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Details By Mark Staff Guarantees Great Service

We specialize in bringing you the best complete or partial restoration of all antiques and classic cars. Our staff takes pride in paying attention to the smallest detail and providing you with the best service. Call us to make an appointment today! 503.231.4945

  • Automotive Partners

    Automotive partnersWe refer our clients to Details by Mark because of the excellent quality work conducted in a timely manner. Details by Mark provides a great service to our clients.

    Tom Dwyer
    Automotive Services, Inc.

    We are not your average auto detail shop.

    We work to restore autos to their original condition.

    Most detail shops use chemicals that damage your vehicle.

    We use effective products that don't hurt you, your vehicle, or the environment.

    full auto detail
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