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4 Summer Car Care Tips

Professional detailing and car care tips for the sunny season

Summer car care tips

Car care tips are a lot like health tips. Each car is unique, just like each person is unique.

The good news is that there are some professional car care tips and detailing ideas that are universal. Details By Mark is here to help you get your ride ready for the sunshine!

Interior car care tips

Park your car in an area where it will be safe, even with the windows cracked for hours at a time.

Heat can do some damage to the interior of any car. With a window cracked, it will reduce the risk of heat getting trapped inside the car all day.

It also helps to ventilate the interior when you first start up the car, just to quickly blow out the hot air before you drive.

Do not let food waste collect inside your car.

Anything form dropped fries to spilled coffee will leave a smell. The increased heat will cause that stink to really waft around your ride.

Keep a bag for garbage in the car, and make sure to have the interior cleaned by a professional at least once over the summer.

Exterior car care tips

Park in the shade as often as you can all summer long.

Metal, paint and other surfaces can all suffer damage due to extreme heat. Rust is also an issue, especially during the part of spring when it is raining one hour, followed by clear skies the next hour.

Be sure to rinse your exterior and prevent long-term damage.

Get a professional exterior detail.

A fresh coat of paint, some wax and other exterior detailing work from the experts can bring a fantastic shine to your car. Pro care of your wheels, auto glass and other surfaces is also helpful.

Get in touch with our experienced team members for car care tips, or to schedule a detail!

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