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Used Car Detailing Increases Value

Used car detailing can go a long way when you sell


Used car detailing is good for a lot of reasons. Just ask any person or dealership associate who has tried to sell an old, beat-up, stinky junker.

The used car detailing professionals at Details By Mark can help. Read on to see how our team will help boost the value of your old car, truck, van, SUV or other vehicle before you sell!

How much does used car detailing cost?

This depends on a few things. Start by thinking about the following questions.

What sort of driving shape is the used car in right now?
If it barely drives, no amount of slick paint and interior vacuuming will help. Make sure you address the performance of the vehicle before you list it for sale.

What is the fair market value of the used car?
If you are selling an economy car from the 1970s that is worth $1,000 or less, chances are that a buyer just wants to know if it runs.

However, if you have a modern vehicle with a Blue Book Value that varies greatly based on great or poor condition, a used car detail is a worthy investment.

How soon do you want to sell?
This is especially important for family or work vehicles. Wait until you plan to just park your car before getting it detailed. Otherwise, you might just get the exterior or interior all messy again after paying for the detail.

Is used car detailing guaranteed to boost value?

It is not guaranteed, but the vast majority of used car shoppers will look for any reason to haggle down over the cost. Dents and dings to the exterior often drive value down. Interior stains or smells can also turn off a potential buyer.

In other words, used car detailing will most likely help. Learn more about used car detailing costs by contacting the experts at Details By Mark today!

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