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Selling Your Car and the Real Value-Add of Full Auto Detailing

How professional or full auto detailing can help you get the most out of a car for sale

Full auto detailing is the answer to one of the most challenging issues car owners face. Getting the most value for a car that you have for sale, whether to a private buyer or dealership, ought to be a priority. Drivers want to know how to get the most value for an old car they are upgrading from, how to find a buyer for a truck that has more value than you can see on first look and, in some cases, whether the best answer is to just junk their old bucket.


full auto detailing


Junking old rust buckets with no salvageable parts or visual appeal is usually the best choice. However, if a shoddy look is the issue keeping you from getting the best offer on any van, SUV, truck, sedan, coupe, station wagon or other vehicle, it is worth investing now to improve value later. In the business world, this process is called value-add.

Value-add matters to car owners because they are, quite literally, looking to add value. There are four common options when getting rid of your car:

  • Sell to a dealership at well below market value
  • Sell to a private buyer at a price you set
  • Give the vehicle away (to family, a friend, charity, etc)
  • Destroy the vehicle at a junkyard


The first two options are the most popular, as they help a car owner sell an old vehicle they no longer want and put some money in their pocket. Here are a few value-add elements worth considering.

Exterior auto detailing

The first thing a potential buyer will notice is the exterior of the car. Dings, dents, rust, peeling pant, damaged bumpers, missing hubcaps and other visible damage will cause an immediate drop in the price. A professional auto detail shop can ensure that your car looks its best at the point of sale.

Interior auto deep clean

Once a buyer is sold on the look of the car, they will want to get a feel for it as well. These are the most common turn-offs for buyers:

  • Funky smells
  • Carpet/cloth burns
  • Dashboard/center console damage
  • Missing pieces of interior plastic


A full auto detail will include checking each of these areas twice. This is just to make sure you do not discover a problem after it is too late and the buyer is already in the car. Details By Mark has Portland auto detail experts that are always happy to help customers with value-add, so contact them before selling your vehicle!

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