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We Are Your Comprehensive Insurance Claim Specialist

Details By Mark is the #1 recommended detail shop.  Insurance adjusters, auto body shops, and service departments in the Portland area absolutely love us.  Vehicle owners from all over the Northwest are grateful when they receive our help with proper and professional repairs on their vehicles.

We handle all types of comprehensive coverage claims, both exterior & interior.

Here are some of the ways we truly set ourselves apart:

Mold, Mildew, and Fungi / Water Leaks

Mold, mildew, and fungi can begin growing in just a few days. During NW winters, the constant dampness is a Petri dish for molds and fungi. Mold is a serious hazard to you and your family’s health and may cause chronic problems. Having both the cause of the water leak and the resulting damages fixed at one shop guarantees the end of the problem.

Vermin / Insects

Rodent urine and feces can carry the Hantaviruses and cause illness when contacted or inhaled. We take this very seriously. We do a comprehensive cleaning, and often times replacement of the heater box (a common entry point), as well as other interior components as needed. These processes may take a week or so to complete. All work is guaranteed. Protect your health by choosing Details by Mark.

Spills and Contaminants of All Kinds – Milk / Paint / Toxins

It may look hopeless, but we can bring your vehicle back to new condition with a comprehensive cleaning and replacement of parts, carpet, or padding when necessary.  Many stains just need the right type of cleaner to neutralize them so we start there to save you money – but if something is not fixable, it is replaced.  Accidents happen, we are here to clean up the mess.

Biohazards – Vomit / Blood / Urine / Feces

We know how to remove the contaminant and resolve the issue without using toxic chemicals. We don’t ever mask or cover up the problem – we resolve it, efficiently and effectively.  Many shops are ‘allergic’ to work involving the worst possible types of stains – we are happy to pick up where they leave off in order to restore your vehicle.

Fire and Smoke

Vehicles can often be salvaged even if it looks and smells disastrous. Our team will do complete removal of your interior, and extensive, deep cleaning, as well as replacement of parts if necessary. Many hours will be spent in proper and professional techniques, proven procedures that insure a renewed automobile from bumper to bumper, free of any smells or toxins.


Did you come out to your car or truck and find it wasn’t the way you left it? Did your neighbor have their house painted, did they paint a building near your work? With proper product, talent, and techniques we can restore your car or truck back to its former glory. No job too small or large; let us take care of your needs.

Road Hazard Damage

The world out there may be throwing random objects at you, and half the time might not even notice.  Once the issues are identified, however, we are the team to trust.  Common issues include road paint, flying debris, and damage from items falling off of trucks ahead of you… We’ll take care of it.

Storm Damage

This is the Northwest, so occasionally we get a nasty storm which can leave your vehicle much worse for the wear.  Water, debris, dents, broken windows. Whatever the problem, we can fix it.

Theft Damage

Broken windows; paint, molding, and trim damage; damaged and broken dashes, glove boxes, consoles, cargo compartments. We are familiar with every part on your car, know where to get them, and how to replace and re-install them properly. We also do cosmetic repairs to interior and exterior surfaces damaged by a break-in.

We are the best in town when it comes to auto detailing, auto restoration and a variety of damage repairs that most shop’s won’t touch!

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    Automotive partnersWe refer our clients to Details by Mark because of the excellent quality work conducted in a timely manner. Details by Mark provides a great service to our clients.

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    We are not your average auto detail shop.

    We work to restore autos to their original condition.

    Most detail shops use chemicals that damage your vehicle.

    We use effective products that don't hurt you, your vehicle, or the environment.

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