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Auto Restoration Guide for Beginners

Part 1 of a series on auto restoration


The cost of auto restoration Portland has to offer can get expensive. One of the most important issues that you must think about when restoring a classic automobile — or a modern car that you want to get back into road shape after a collision — is how to finance this project.

Details By Mark is here to help you manage the cost of an automotive restoration job. This is the first article in an ongoing series about what it takes to get a car restored the right way for the right price!

So just what does “auto restoration” refer to, anyway?

Automotive restoration can mean one of a few things. In general, restoration refers to putting in time to improve the condition of any vehicle that is not currently safe or legal to drive on public roads, and getting it back into safe and legal driving shape.

There are three common types of restoration projects:

Classic car restoration

This is a process of restoring an old car, truck or other vehicle from a shoddy state to a functional state, complete with style and class. Perhaps a sweet machine has been in the family for years, but it has been parked for too long to be driven — we want to help you get that baby back on the road!

Post-collision restoration

Just because a vehicle is in a wreck does not make it junkyard scrap. Before you have an insurance agency deem the vehicle as a total loss (which is where the phrase “the car was totaled” comes from), you may want to determine if it is worth fixing it up first.

Cosmetic restoration

This is a project for any car that is in safe and legal driving shape. If your old rust bucket can get you around town, but you hope no one you know actually sees you in the ol’ heap, cosmetic automotive restoration is a good choice.

What about the cost of auto restoration?

Each project has a different budget. It is always a good idea to meet with a professional team of auto restoration experts and get an estimate together before you commit to the project.

Be sure to consider the costs of:

• Interior cleaning
• Exterior cleaning
• Parts removal and replacement
• Insurance on the restored vehicle
• Ongoing maintenance costs

Once all of these aspects have been estimated, you can make a plan for the restoration! Check back next week for a detailed post on restoring classic cars.

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