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When is it Time for a Paint Job?

Paint job services can bring new life to an old car

When to get a paint job

A paint job can serve several purposes. Whether you want to restore the look your car had years ago, or just want to change the look of your ride, it helps to understand what goes into a complete auto body paint service.

Details By Mark can help you decide if it is time for a paint job. Read on before you make the call to spend some serious cash on color for your car.

How much will a paint job cost?

This is the biggest question on most drivers’ minds. However, there is no universal answer, since each case is different.

How much detail will go into the paint work?

In other words, do you just want a single color with no effects? Do you want to make your car a mobile mural? The cost question comes down to how much time an expert will have to put into getting your vehicle to look exactly the way you want it to.

Always get an estimate first.

Make certain that you and your auto body expert know what is expected. Some paint jobs end up costing the driver a lot more than they expected, but once the work is done, the driver is on the hook for that bill.

Are you certain you need a full paint job?

Consider how much work you need.

If you just want to make some cosmetic improvements, such as covering up a spot where your car was keyed or scratched up, then you probably do not need to pay thousands for a new coat of paint.

Consider how much longer you want to keep your car.

If you are thinking about trading it in sometime soon, just get an exterior auto detail that addresses damage. The cost of completely repainting your car will be a cost that is most likely higher than whatever value that paint job will add at the time you sell it or trade it in.

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